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We are changing course: name change!

door Linda Terrizzi

🙈 Well huh-huh, it worked! Maybe you had already secretly seen it, but my instagram handle has changed from antilleans to @jurinoignacio. And not without reason!

We are going to officially change our name – from now on you will no longer see messages from antilliaanse-eten.nl on the website and on social media, but from me: Jurinpo Ignacio. It seems like quite a change, but of course nothing actually happens. So just a change of name.
💚 With a little moral support from @hetgroenebroertje & @kennethasporaat (thanks, guys!) I finally dared to broaden my view and choose this path.
▶️ “But then… why? Are you going to stop using Antilliaanse-eten.nl? 😱” – I just made a nice video about that with Linda. If you have some time, you can watch it on YouTube & then you will be fully aware of all the new developments.
👉 You can now find the video on –> https://youtu.be/dUjX0OAzRho

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