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freshly fish mixbox review

Review: the Freshly Fish mix box

door Linda Terrizzi

You can of course buy fish at the fishmonger, at the market or in the supermarket. But nowadays just about everything is going digital and you can also order fish online. You can put together a box full of fresh fish via the Freshly Fish website. This will then be delivered to your home within a few days. Neatly packed and frozen.

We were allowed to test the Freshly Fish mixbox and I have to say that we liked it. Twice we received a large box containing 8 different packages with fish that we had chosen ourselves on the website. The fish is packed per 2 portions, so we chose several of the same packs to eat at home with the five of us.

order online

Ordering the fish is easy online. Via the Freshly Fish's website click on the box and then you can fill it with 8 packs of approximately 200 grams. That is an average of two servings, because the weight that is mentioned is really the weight you can eat. All products have already been cleaned and filleted, so you have no waste.

A real bonus point for me was the freezing method: the fish is vacuum sealed and then frozen 'dry'. If you've ever bought frozen fish from the supermarket, you know that it is first provided with a layer of water to 'protect' the fish. I deliberately put that in quotation marks, because it is of course also nice for the manufacturer to weigh that water and sell it as fish.

And then it happens: you buy a kilo of frozen salmon and let it thaw. Then you end up with 700 grams of fish and a pool of water. Not fun. That is not the case at Freshly Fish and you really only pay for the fish. So no puddle of water… and after patting it dry with a piece of kitchen paper, the fish fillets can go straight into the pan.

Delivery of the mix box

When ordering you can also choose on which day you want the box delivered. Useful! The boxes are delivered with a one-day delivery service. The package is therefore packed and delivered on the same day. The box contains enough ice packs to keep the fish well frozen.

You will be informed of the delivery time by the courier on the day itself. That is very neat and accurate. And then there it is: the mixbox! Due to the fine and streamlined packaging, the fish does not take up too much space in the freezer. The 8 packs therefore easily fit in one drawer.


The quality of the products

I give the Freshly Fish box a big 10 for the quality – the fish is really fresh and really well cleaned. Even the products that have already been prepared (we chose XXL fish fingers for the children!) were tasty and of good quality. A thin, crispy layer and a nice piece of fish fillet in it.

Linda and Chiara ordered a bowl of shrimp to share. Although the shrimp were still in the shell (more flavor than peeled), they had already been opened at the back and the intestinal tract had already been removed. We had never seen that before! I can't eat shrimp myself, because I'm deadly allergic to them. So it was also nice for me that they were delivered in a small package and completely vacuum-sealed.

Price and final verdict on the box

The price of a Freshly Fish mixbox is €59,- but I have good news for you: with our special discount code TRY FISH10 until April 15th you will receive a whopping €10 discount on the box!

Via Facebook we already heard some followers think: € 59,- for 8×2 portions of fish… that's not cheap, is it? And I'd like to say a little more about that. You cannot simply convert the price of the fish box into a kilo price for the fish.

First off let me tell you that Freshly Fish is MSC or ASC qualified. The fish is therefore sustainably caught or farmed, with an eye for people and animals. I always like to know that when fishing my salmon or plaice, not all kinds of other sea creatures got stuck in the nets. (That's so 1999 and you just don't have to anymore). And there is another advantage…

Where you buy fish per kilo on the market, you get much more for that money at Freshly Fish. The fish is cleaned, vacuumed, neatly packed and frozen. In addition, they provide a bit of extra service. The box will be delivered to your home for free within a few days. Of course, free can only be free if the shipping costs are already included in the price. And shipping costs for a same day delivery courier are quite a bit higher than for a normal postal package.

So indeed: on the market and in the supermarket the fish is cheaper. But at Freshly Fish you don't just buy fish, but also a piece of sustainability, craftsmanship and convenience. And that makes it more than worth the price!


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