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Coloring book 'role models'

door Linda Terrizzi

In the past few months I have made a lot of drawings. 28 Pieces, to be exact. These drawings of colorful people can be found in my coloring book 'Role Models'.

With 'role models' I tried to make a collection of very different people. Dreamers, thinkers, musicians and explorers… they all appear in the book. I wanted to make a positive book, which for once is not based on the “standard beauty ideal”. The people in the drawings are absolutely not photo models. They are young, old, fat, thin and come in all shapes and sizes.

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Some nice details

Each drawing has its own inspiring statement. These statements are intended as a positive message for those who are going to color the drawings. The letters can also be colored. We did our best to give them beautiful, cheerful patterns.

Would you like to hear another nice detail? All pages have a perforation line! This means that you can easily tear out the colored drawings and hang them up, without damaging the book.

coloring book jurino ignacio antillean food role models

No sales pitch, see for yourself!

Actually, I don't like sales pitches at all… you should check out the book for yourself. This can be done very easily by downloading the digital version. (click on the image above!)

I don't want anything in return – you don't even have to leave your email address!

If you like the book? Then you can pre-order one (or more) in advance. The price of the book is € 9,95.

The shipping costs for 1 copy are €1,99. – and if you order more than 1… the books will be Free sent!


Note: it is a PRESALE! The books have already been printed and approved by us, but have yet to make the long journey to the Netherlands. In all likelihood, the books will arrive before May 1. So we have to wait a while, but we don't want to let you do that just like that, so:

Extra signed print

Each pre-purchased book comes with an additional SIGNED print from me! An extra coloring page… with signature. As a thank you for the long wait. And of course: when you order several books, you also receive several signed prints.


Have you downloaded the sample and do you like the book? Click on the button below to order your copy:

Jurino Ignacio coloring book role models antillean food

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