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Arepa / arepita – Cornbread from Venezuela

door Linda Terrizzi

The arepa is a classic snack from Venezuela. It is about the easiest and cheapest dish you can think of. You don't really need more than a few minutes and a pack of harina PAN (corn flour). But nice that these are authentic Venezuelan arepas!

They have traditionally been eaten throughout South America and they have also been established for a long time in the Antilles. You can buy them filled with the tastiest things at street stalls. Braised meat, cheese… but they are also delicious with a sweet filling such as jam or butter and powdered sugar!

Gluten free

The use of only corn flour has another advantage: the arepas are also suitable for people who do not (want to) eat gluten. If we can give you a tip… take a look at the fillings for pastechi for ideas to fill the arepas.

At the bottom of the recipe you will find a short video version of making the arepa. The recipe is enough for about 10-12 sandwiches.


  • 2 cups corn flour * (harina PAN, yellow or white)
  • 2 1/2 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Arepa preparation:

Mix the water well with the salt.

Then add the corn flour and knead it into a dough.

Let the dough rest for 3 minutes and divide into 10-12 servings.

Shape each portion into a ball and flatten it into discs about 14cm in diameter.

Bake the discs in a dry pan until both sides are slightly colored.

You can cut the arepa after baking and fill it with whatever you like.

* We use harina PAN brand maize flour because it is pre-cooked. You cannot make dough from other (Italian) brands of corn flour!


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Arepa / arepita - gluten-free corn breads from Venezuela - RECIPE
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