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trifle ice orange Cointreau professor Grunschnabel

Trifle with ice cream, orange & Cointreau

door Linda Terrizzi

You can make this delicious trifle with coconut-vanilla flavored ice cream, orange and (for the enthusiast) a dash of Cointreau. Prefer an alcohol-free dessert? Then you use extra orange juice instead of the Cointreau. It's a super easy dessert, since all you have to do is put it together. Maximum results for minimum effort… we love that of course!

Maromokotro ice cream

Maromo… whats? For this recipe we use the brand's Maromokotro Snow White ice cream Professor Grunschnabel. That is 100% vegetable ice cream with a delicious coconut-vanilla taste. The ice cream also contains pieces of grated coconut for an extra bite – so delicious!

The Maromokotro is a high mountain in Madagascar. The famous Bourbon Vanilla grows there, which is also used in this ice cream. Bourbon vanilla is known worldwide as the best strain… and you can taste it!

You can of course vary endlessly with the taste of the ice cream. Also try one of the other flavors from Professor Grunschnabel. They are all equally surprising and all plant-based/vegan. And the best: they are just available at the AH!

trifle ice orange Cointreau professor Grunschnabel

Trifle with cake or panettone

We make this dessert for old and new. Something different than always those oliebollen… For the cake layers we used some leftover panettone from Christmas. That is of course not necessary. You can also make this trifle with lady fingers or with a sponge cake. Are you going to bake yourself? Then use our recipe for the pan lefi as basis!

This recipe is for 4 people/servings


  • 1 jar (500 ml) Maromokotro Snow White ice cream
  • A big piece of sponge cake, panettone or a pack of lady fingers
  • 3 oranges
  • 100 ml of Cointreau
  • 50 gr dark chocolate
  • optional: colored sugar, for decoration

Preparation of the trifle

Cut the cake or panettone into slices of about 1 cm. If you use lady fingers, you don't have to make them smaller first.

Do you decorate the rims of your glass with colored sugar? Now dip each glass in a layer of water and then in the colored sugar. (After filling this is of course no longer possible)

Squeeze one of the oranges and mix the juice with the Cointreau. Drizzle this over the cake or lady fingers to moisten them a bit.

Cut the remaining 2 oranges into 5 mm slices. To assemble the trifle you can take one large bowl, or - just like us - opt for individual portions in a nice glass.

Place a layer of cake in each glass with a slice of orange on top. Then put a 1 cm layer of ice cream on top and grate some dark chocolate over it. Repeat this about 2x, until you have a nice trifle in each glass. Finish the dessert with a scoop of ice cream and some extra grated chocolate.

Serve immediately, of course, otherwise the ice cream will melt too hard – Enjoy your meal!

trifle ice orange Cointreau professor Grunschnabel
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Festive trifle with ice cream, orange and Cointreau
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