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The top 10 Antillean snacks

door Linda Terrizzi

Antillean cuisine is known for its snacks. We have a lot of them and they are all almost equally delicious! We have therefore been working for six years to collect as many tasty recipes for Antillean snacks as possible.

Yet we notice that some recipes are viewed more often than others. So here's the absolute top 10 of Antillean snacks (in order of number of visits per month)… enjoy your meal!

10 Peanut hérebépeanut herebe antillean recipe boiled salty peanuts

At number 10 are these delicious boiled peanuts. To make peanut hérebé, you need raw peanuts. You then boil this for a few hours in plenty of salted water. So the peanuts taste different than usual. The cooking makes them look a bit like olives. Not crunchy, but very tasty!

9 Antillean (minced meat) croquettes

Antillean croquettes pasa palu pasapalo antillean snacks

The real Antillean croquettes are made with a filling of minced meat, vegetables and herbs. So they are a bit heavier and spicier than the Dutch version. Of course they should not be missing in this top 10.

8 Soseshi den mansasoseshi den mansa palitos pasa palo pasa palu antillean snacks

Soseshi den mansa are tasty Antillean sausage rolls. We make them from airy (homemade) bread dough. This dough is then filled with a frankfurters. The snack is baked golden brown in the oven. We usually make them a size smaller for parties: with half a sausage!

7 Banana hasabanana hasa fried banana plantain antillean recipe jurino

They should not be missing with every meal: slices of fried plantain! The recipe is simple: we slice the banana and then fry it in a mixture of oil and butter. Finally, drain the bananas well and this small side dish is already ready.

6 Empanaempana di karni antillean recipe

Antillean empana is made with corn flour. From this dough is made, which is rolled out in circles. The dough is then filled, for example with minced meat or cheese. When the empana is folded in half again, it is fried in the hot oil. A kind of patty!

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The top 10 Antillean snacks
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