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stropi di tamarine tamarein syrup tamarind

stropi di tamarein / warapa (tamarind syrup)

door Linda Terrizzi

We know – the stropi di tamarin is not the most photogenic drink. The brown color is not particularly attractive. Yet many people are crazy about this drink.

We call it stropi di tamarein or warapa. But whatever you call it, it's a delicious, refreshing drink. A little sour from the tamarind, but above all very 'dushi' (sweet)! The tamarind that is so common in the Antilles is therefore the ideal fruit for making a tasty syrup. It is already deliciously sour by itself and only needs a little sugar for the taste.

You make this stropi di tamarin with dried tamarinds from the toko. You can also use a block of tamarind pulp. In both cases, make sure you remove all the seeds!


  • 500gr. ripe tamarinds or 300gr. tamarind pulp
  • 250gr. sugar*
  • 250ml. water

Preparation stropi di tamarin:

Remove the skin from the tamarinds and then rinse the flesh well. Then bring the tamarind pieces to the boil with the water and cook them until the flesh separates from the seeds.

Now strain the mixture and collect the liquid. Then add the sugar as well.

Then bring the tamarind juice with the sugar to a boil.

Then cook the mixture over medium heat to a thick syrup (about 15 minutes). Skim off any foam from the syrup.

Let the syrup cool down and pour it into a well-cleaned (glass) bottle.

TIP: Refrigerated, the undiluted syrup will keep for two weeks.

To drink the syrup, fill a glass with 1/3 syrup and 2/3 water.

Of course, for this recipe, the amount of sugar can be adjusted to your own taste! You can safely take more or less sugar than indicated.

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stropi di tamarein / warapa (tamarind syrup) - recipe stropi di tamarin
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