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rice cooking 4 ways for perfect rice recipe

Cooking rice: 4 ways for perfect rice!

door Linda Terrizzi

Cooking rice: how can you best do that? Rice is the most eaten food for two thirds of the world population. In the Netherlands we like to eat potatoes, sometimes in the Antilles funchi… but rice is something that connects us all. There are many different types of rice and perhaps even more ways to prepare rice.

In this article we give you the most common ways and of course tips for the best results! Because although it seems super easy, cooking rice can sometimes go wrong. Rice grains that are overcooked and mushy, hard rice that isn't quite cooked yet… or even burnt rice! Of course we want to avoid that.

These tips are for cooking 'dry' white rice. So Surinamese rice, pandan rice, jasmine rice or basmati rice. You cannot do other preparations (such as sushi or risotto) in this way.

The 4 best ways to cook rice

Rice can be prepared in different ways, depending on your preference. We always cook according to the 'prepared cooking' way. This way is suitable for a pan, but also for the rice cooker.

rice cooking 4 ways for perfect rice recipe

1. Cook appropriately

By carefully cooking rice, you put the right amount of water and rice in the pan in advance. After fifteen minutes it is cooked and the fire can be turned off. You don't have to do anything further… although the rice will be even tastier if you leave the pan closed for another 10 minutes (without heat).

How do you do it? For 4 people take 2 cups of rice. A cup fits about 150 grams, so 300 grams in total. Wash the rice well – rinse it at least 4 times with plenty of cold water. Now put it in the pan and add 3 cups (so one and a half times as much!) water and a teaspoon of salt.

This way you can cook the rice on low heat in about 15 minutes. As mentioned before, the rice will taste best if you leave the pan closed for another 10 minutes.

2. Cook in plenty of water

This is the easiest way to cook rice. It really can hardly go wrong. You cook the rice in this way just like pasta. In a pan with plenty of water. In this way, it is not necessary to pre-wash the rice, because the starch will remain in the water when you drain it.

To cook rice in this way, fill a pan with a generous amount (at least a liter) of water and two teaspoons of salt. To this add the rice – about 2 cups for 4 people – and let it cook for 10-12 minutes. In the meantime you can taste whether the rice is cooked.

After cooking, drain the rice and return to the pan. Bonus: a knob of butter makes it even better!

3. Cook rice in the microwave

Do you prefer to cook rice in the microwave? Which can! And it doesn't make it any less tasty… if you do it right, of course. And the big advantage: you cook the rice in the same dish you serve it in. That saves washing up again!

To cook rice in the microwave, it is also important that you rinse the rice beforehand. About 4x in plenty of cold water is enough. You also use 2 cups (300 g) of rice in this recipe.

To do this, take a microwave dish and fill it with the rinsed rice. Pour 4 cups of water over this, so twice as much as the rice. Now you can also add some salt, oil or other spices. Cover the bowl and place it in the microwave. Cook the rice at 700 Watt in about 20 minutes.

4. Cook rice in the rice cooker

Another commonly used option is the rice cooker. This device turns off automatically when the rice is ready. I dare say that 90% of the Antilleans, Surinamese and Indonesians have a rice cooker in their home.

Because the rice cooker spreads when it gets hotter than 100 degrees, the rice cannot boil over or burn. Very handy! All you have to do with this method is place the (rinsed) rice and the water in the rice cooker with some salt. Turn on and fifteen minutes later the rice is ready!

Add flavor: boil rice in stock or coconut milk

White rice is tasty, but sometimes you want rice that is already flavored. Delicious as a side dish! You can add that flavor afterwards with a knob of butter or herbs, as we do with the arros moro, but this can also be done during cooking.

For example, boil the rice in (chicken) stock, or a mixture of water and coconut milk. Extra tasty!

Looking for rice recipes?

Then you've come to the right place! We already have a few for you on the website… and in our cookbook 'the Complete Antillean kitchen' you will find many more. Come Dushi (enjoy your meal)!

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