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Perfect white rice – how do you cook the perfect rice for nasi?

door Linda Terrizzi

Perfect white rice: it is a side dish that you eat often and it seems very simple. however, there is quite a bit of technique involved in cooking a pan of perfect rice. You want the result to be even and for the rice to cook nicely.

We are happy to explain how you do that in this article. From now on you also make the very best white rice… which is very suitable for making fried rice or other fried dishes.

Step 1: choose the right rice

Not all rice is the same. If you walk along the rice shelf in the supermarket or toko, it quickly becomes clear. There are so many varieties! You have Surinamese rice, basmati rice, pandan rice, sushi rice, risotto rice and many more varieties. Which is the right one?

You can roughly divide rice into two types: LONG-grain rice and SHORT-grain rice. It doesn't matter what name the rice has; with the naked eye you come a long way with this. Is the grain very elongated and thin? Then it is long grain rice. This rice is suitable for use in Indonesian, Antillean and Surinamese rice dishes. It cooks nicely and can be fried up as a fried rice.

difference in rice short grain long grain basmati sushi risotto pandan Surinamese rice antillean recipe jurino

short grain rice is (as the name suggests!) a lot shorter. As a result, the grains sometimes appear almost round. This rice is suitable for making sushi, risotto and rice pudding. The rice is more sticky than the long grain. It is better not to use this rice in Antillean dishes… except for cake or desserts.

When you are in an Asian store, you will also see two other types of rice that deserve a mention: one is 'parboiled rice'. This rice is precooked and therefore ready much faster than raw rice. You can recognize the rice by the slightly translucent and slightly darker grains. Parboiled rice can be used perfectly in Antillean rice dishes. The grains dissolve nicely and can be baked after cooking.

In addition, you sometimes findglutinous rice'. This is glutinous rice, which is suitable for Indonesian lemper or Chinese 'lo mai kai'. Packages, where the rice should stick together. Do you eat gluten free? Then don't be afraid of this rice. Because despite the name, there is never gluten in rice!

Suitable types of rice for Antillean dishes & fried rice:

  • basmati rice
  • Surinamese rice
  • pandan rice
  • parboiled rice

Broken grains

In addition, pay attention to the quality of the rice: some types of rice are cheaper than others, because they are broken grains. Despite the fine price tag, it is better to avoid this rice. The cooking time of the broken kernels is uneven, causing some kernels to cook broken while others are undercooked. This is also fine for porridge or soup, but not for dishes where you want loose, 'fluffy' rice.

Step 2: wash the rice

Rice is a product that contains a lot of starch. White rice is also peeled, which removes the outer membrane. That is why there is often a layer of starch on the rice grains. You need this starch to make a good risotto, for example. When making Antillean dishes or, for example, nasi, the layer of starch is undesirable. It ensures that the rice sticks together after cooking.

For that reason, we always wash the rice before use. To do this, measure out the correct amount of rice for your dish and the correct amount of water. (Usually the ratio is 1 cup of rice and 1,5 cup of water.) Put this together in a pan and remember how high the water gets: When the rice is wet, you can not measure it again!

Now wash the rice 3 to 5 times with plenty of cold water. When the water you pour is no longer white (but transparent), the rice is sufficiently washed. Now refill the pan with the correct amount of water, add salt and cook the perfect white rice.

Step 3: Choose a suitable pan

Not all pans are suitable for cooking rice. Some people prefer a special 'rice cooker', and others swear by a pan on the gas stove. I myself belong to the latter group. Because you can determine how high the heat goes, the result is often better than in a rice cooker, where the cooking goes very quickly.

Do you choose to use a pan? Then always take one with a thick bottom. This conducts the heat well and prevents the rice from burning on the bottom. Avoid aluminum pans. These give you the best chance of a burnt soil. And once the bottom layer of rice has been burned, you can taste it in the whole pan with rice!

Step 4: cook perfect white rice

Now it's time to cook the perfect white rice. When you have added water, salt and/or spices, bring the pan with rice to a boil. This is allowed on low or high heat… but stick with it! When the rice is boiling, put the pan on the lowest heat and put the lid on. Do not remove the lid from the pan, not even to take a look! The rice needs all the steam to cook soft and loose.

Let the rice cook on the lowest heat for about 12-15 minutes, depending on the desired doneness. You usually cook parboiled rice for about 9 minutes.

CAUTION: Some gas stoves are stronger than others. On your stove (just like ours) is even the smallest burner too strong to gently cook the rice? Then use a simmering plate under your pan. This reduces the heat slightly and distributes it even better!

simmering plate flame distributor rice cooking white rice fried rice recipe

Turn off the heat after the desired cooking time and (important!): Leave the lid on the pan for at least another 10 minutes! These 10 extra minutes of 'steaming' are also necessary to get a perfect result. So do not skip this step at all.

Step 5: Baking rice? Cool first!

If you want to eat the rice cooked, you can now stir it with a fork and scoop it up. But do you want to use the rice in a fried dish like nasi? Then scoop it out of the pan into a large bowl or bowl and let it cool completely.

When baking cold rice, you run much less risk of the rice sticking to the bottom of the pan or wok. The result of your fried rice is therefore also much better.

Step 6: eat tasty!

We hope that from now on you will make the most delicious perfect white rice with our article. Have you tried a tasty dish? Then show us a picture of the result… we really like that! You can upload your photo on our facebook page, or tag the photo on instagram with #antilliaanseten.

What do you make with perfect white rice?

Did you make the perfect white rice? Hungry for a tasty rice dish? Then try our Antillean fried rice or the Nigerian Jollof Rice once!

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