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Pastechi bakijou – pasties with cod

door Linda Terrizzi

Pastechi bakijou are fried patties with a filling of cod. This one pastechi's are perhaps the most famous snack from the Antilles. On Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao Do you eat these filled patties for breakfast or at a party? They are filled with cheese, minced meat, chicken or fish and then deep fried.

The salt cod, or salted fish, is first carefully soaked to remove the excess salt. Then the fish is cut small and mixed with different vegetables and herbs. The result is really a great tasty mixture that is used in the filling for the traditional one pastechi di bakijou.

These small pasties with cod filling are an indispensable Antillean snack. You can find them at every party at every snack bar — or 'snèk', as we call them — and bakery.

The recipe for the pastechi bakijou

The recipe for the pastechi with chicken, aka the 'pastechi bakijoucan be found in our cookbook.

In our super thick book 'The Complete Antillean kitchen' can be found next to this recipe for pastechi with codfish also the other versions. Did you know that there are no fewer than 300 recipes in our book? All Antillean recipes from snacks to cakes and from main courses to drinks are included! You can now shop the book for only € 24,95 and of course it will be delivered to your home for free.

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Which pastechi recipe is online?

We hear you think… “what a pity that the recipe for pastechi bakijou is only in the cookbook and not online!”. That's right, but luckily there are also a number of recipes for it on our website pastechi. Namely the following:

This way, even if you don't have the book (yet), you can already get started with these delicious Antillean pasties.

Pastechi bakijou at a party or for breakfast?

Op Curaçao can you pastechiYou can find them at bakeries and snack bars. The ones you buy there are a lot bigger than the ones you get at a party. This version is mainly found in the morning, because there it is a kind of 'breakfast to go' is. Very tasty of course – for once!

Pastechi's are also ideal as a snack or as a snack at a party. At a party, the pastechi Bakijou has been made a bit smaller, so that the guests can enjoy more snacks. Usually the pastechi at a party a diameter of about 10 centimeters.

Also try

Do you love Antillean pastechi? Then give it a try this version with tuna filling! With this recipe you will even find an extensive video in which we show you how to pastechi is best to prepare and fry.

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Pastechi bakijou • Antillean pasties with bakkeljauw (salted fish)
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