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mummy knaks halloween sausage rolls recipe

Mummy knaks • Halloween recipe

door Linda Terrizzi

These yummy mummy knaks are a super fun addition to your Halloween snack repertoire! By now you know how crazy we are at home on Halloween or Samhain. The decorations, the cold weather, the autumn leaves… just wonderful! I always find it a pity that it is not (yet) celebrated exuberantly in the Netherlands. Who knows if it will ever turn up again?

We always celebrate at home. With decorations, tasty (creepy) snacks and a nice film. The Nightmare Before Christmas is on the agenda every year. We are already looking forward to it at the beginning of October. And going forward, we might also watch that movie 5 times a year or more.

This year we're making these mummy knaks as a fun, creepy snack. And even if you already have other Halloween snacks on the menu, these mummies can easily reach them. You really make them in a jiffy. About ten minutes and they are in the oven. We make them with the dough for Croissant party minis from Danerolles and of course the frankfurters from Unox. Did you know that these frankfurters are now also available in a halal and a vegetarian version? So almost everyone can enjoy it!

mummy knaks halloween sausage rolls recipe

Danerolles' dough

's croissant dough danerolles is extremely suitable for these mummies. The dough is already completely ready and you can immediately roll up the mummies and bake. Fun to make with kids! They don't have to mess with flour and water and they don't have to wait for dough to rise. As far as we're concerned, it's the ideal Wednesday afternoon project.

This recipe makes 22 mummies. Do you need more? Then you can easily buy more cans of dough and double the recipe.

mummy knaks halloween sausage rolls recipe


Preparation of the mummy knaks:

Open the cans of knaks and drain the sausages well. Then preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Also open the can of Croissant party minis and press the dough closed again on the dotted lines, so that you get one piece of dough. Then cut it into strips about a centimeter wide.

Roll the sausages into a strip of dough, but don't do this too neatly. The sausage rolls will soon look like mummies. Place the mummies on the baking tray and bake them for 10-12 minutes until golden and golden.

Finish the mummies with sugar eyes or a dot of mustard. You can slide the sugar eyes between two pieces of dough, but you can also stick them with a mini drop of melted sugar. Do you choose the latter? Then heat a dry pan with some sugar until the sugar has melted. Use a toothpick to place a drop of sugar on each frankfurter and press a sugar eye on it.


In the photo below you can see the mummies with mustard eyes… also very nice and even easier!

mummy knaks halloween sausage rolls recipe

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Mummy knaks • Halloween recipe
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