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masbango masbangu hasa horse mackerel antillean fried fish recipe

Masbango hasá – Crispy fried horse mackerel

door Linda Terrizzi

Masbango hasá (fried horse mackerel) is one of the most eaten fish in the Antilles. The taste is quite neutral, so that it appeals to almost everyone.

The horse mackerel is a lot less fat than the normal mackerel and is known by the extra line with diamond-shaped scales that runs along the side of the fish.

You can find horse mackerel on the market in the Netherlands. On the Antilles you can of course buy them directly from a (friend) fisherman. We like to eat this fish as pure as possible – just fried or grilled, with a big spoon krioyo sauce next to it.

masbango masbangu hasa horse mackerel antillean fried fish recipe

This recipe is for 4 people. We assume 2 small fish per person. Do you have bigger masbango? Then one fish is of course sufficient.

Where does the name masbango come from?

The Antilleans call this fish 'masbango' and the Dutch name is 'hors mackerel'… then the name in Papiamentu must come from Portuguese or Spanish, right? Wrong! Masbango is also very Dutch!

It is a corruption of the word 'maasbanker' (1778). That is how the fish are also called, after the bank of the Marsdiep. The beach along the Marsdiep is called 'de Hors'. And that's where the word "horse mackerel" comes from. Funny right?


  • 8 horse mackerel
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • optional: 50 g cornmeal, for sprinkling
  • sunflower or frying oil, for frying

Preparation of masbango hasá:

Wash the masbango under steaming water. Cut open the abdominal cavity and remove the viscera. If necessary, also remove the gills from the fish.

Score the fish three times on both sides and season with salt and pepper. For an extra crunchy layer, you can choose to sprinkle the masbango with some corn flour before baking.

Then heat a frying pan over high heat and pour in a layer (1 cm) of oil. When the oil is hot, the fish can be placed in the pan. Bake them in this way until golden and crispy. Turn the masbango once during baking so that both sides brown evenly.

Depending on the size of the fish, it will take about 5-10 minutes per side, until the skin of the masbango is crispy and the meat is cooked through.

Serve the masbango hot, for example with rice and a salad. Enjoy your meal!

Preparation of krioyo sauce

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Masbango hasá - crispy fried horse mackerel the Antillean way
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