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Ko'i lechi kos di lechi koi antillean sweets powdered milk recipe

Ko'i lechi – Powdered milk candy

door Linda Terrizzi

Ko'i lechi (also spelled kos di lechi) literally translates as “things made of milk” – and that's exactly what this tasty candy is. It is made from two types of milk and is indispensable at weddings and other large celebrations. It's a great recipe for a buffet or party, as you can make the ko'i lechi quite a bit in advance.

You can keep them in a sealed tin or box for at least a week without refrigeration. Useful! You can make the candies as big as you want. We make them ourselves in such a way that they fit in the bottom of a cupcake paper. In that case, the recipe is enough for about 30-40 pieces.

Which powdered milk is suitable?

We often get the question which powdered milk you can use for this recipe… and whether 'coffee creamer' can also be used. We can be brief about that:

It is best to use cans of powdered milk from Nestlé or Nido. This is real cow's milk, from which the water has been extracted. You can sometimes find these in supermarkets or toko's. If you can't find it in your place of residence, you can click on the word 'powdered milk' in the ingredients list to order it online.

Coffee creamer absolutely cannot be used for this recipe. By the way, did you know that creamer is completely plant-based? So it doesn't even contain milk! If you try to make ko'i lechi with this, you will never get a firm dough as it will continue to dissolve in the little bit of water contained in the condensed milk. So don't! ;)

2 Types of ko'i lechi

There are two different types of ko'i lechi. This version is made without cooking or baking. You use powdered milk and condensed milk for it. For the version that has to be made on the gas stove (a kind of fudge), you can click here.


  • 500 grams of powdered sugar
  • 400 grams of powdered milk
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or a bag of vanilla sugar
  • 1 can of condensed milk (eg Friesche Vlag, at the supermarket)

Preparation ko'i lechi:

Mix the powdered milk, sugar and salt.

Add the vanilla to the condensed milk. Then mix this with the dry ingredients until it becomes a dough.

Does the dough stick while you have already added all the ingredients? In that case you can now add a little more powdered milk until the dough becomes firm.

Knead this dough well and then roll it out into a thick slab (about 1cm) – this can also be flattened by hand.

Then cut the slice into pieces (or cut out shapes) and let it dry well.

tip 1: You can wrap the ko'i lechi in cellophane foil or in pieces of waxed paper.

tip 2: For extra festive ko'i lechi, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the condensed milk!


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Ko'i lechi / kos di lechi - Antillean powdered milk sweets
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