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fault line cake faultline cake recipe brand new cake bouwhuis

Fault line cake – step by step!

door Linda Terrizzi

The fault line cake is a trend in the cake world. As with so many baking trends, this cake has also 'blown over' from the United States. The fault line cake is characterized by the funny middle part: it seems as if the cake has not been properly spread.

Due to a 'mistake' in the smearing of the buttercream, it therefore seems that a large crack has arisen in the middle, causing all kinds of nice things (usually sprinkles, chocolates or other decorations) to come into view. And that is exactly what we do on purpose!

You make a fault line cake in much the same way as a 'regular' birthday cake. So with a base of sponge cake and a filling of buttercream. So only the finish is slightly different.

Brand New Cake


For this cake we used the ingredients and supplies from the range of Brand New Cake. This brand has been specially developed to provide home bakers with professional bakery products. The best thing is that you can order small quantities of this (as opposed to normal). For 1, 2 or 3 cakes for example. Handy - you are not immediately tied to 20 kilos of a certain mix or ingredient and you can still use the professional products!

You can of course also choose to make the cake completely 'from scratch'. In that case, use us recipe for 'pan lefi' for the cake and it recipe for buttercream for the filling.

Because it is almost valentine, we chose a valentine theme. So with pink buttercream and lots of heart sprinkles. Of course you can choose in which color / theme you make the cake.

Tip: it is super fun to mix your sprinkles yourself and create your own, unique combination!


For this cake we used the following ingredients:

Prepare fault line cake

Start making the sponge cake. Because the fault line cake should be a high cake, we keep the recipe for a baking tin of 24-26 cm, but we use one of 22 cm.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Then beat the biscuit mix together with 5 eggs and some water in about 10 minutes until fluffy and firm. Then grease a baking tin with butter and now pour 2/3 of the batter into the baking tin. Finally bake the first cake in about 35 minutes.


Now remove the cake from the baking tin and let it cool on a grid. Then add the remaining 1/3 of the batter to the baking tin and bake for about 25 minutes until done and golden. Then let this (smaller) cake cool down.

Now take a deep plate and mix in the sprinkles that you want to use in the cake. Set this plate aside for now.

Meanwhile, make the buttercream. Which can with our recipe, or of course with the mix of Brand New Cake. Color the buttercream with a drop of gel food coloring.


Now cut the first (high) cake in two layers. Then cut an edge of about one centimeter from the second (low) cake. This layer of cake is supposed to be slightly smaller than the others so you can stick the candies on it.

Then place one of the large cake layers on a cake carton and spread it with buttercream. Now take the smaller layer of cake and spread it all around with buttercream. Then roll the cake (with the buttercream on the outside) through your sprinkle mix. All buttercream is meant to be well covered with candies.


Then place this layer of cake on top of the other and then spread it with buttercream. Then place the last cake layer on top and cover the cake with the buttercream.



Now the hardest part is: put the remaining buttercream in a pastry bag. Then spray a little of the cream around the bottom layer of cake. Then gently spread the cream with a palette knife. The buttercream is meant to be spread irregularly and a little bit over the sprinkles.

Now do the same with the top layer of cake. To finish the fault line cake, you can color the edges of the buttercream with edible (gold) paint. Finally, decorate the cake on top with tufts of buttercream and possibly with more sprinkles.

fault line cake faultline cake recipe brand new cake bouwhuis


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Fault line cake - step by step!
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