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drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

Drip Cake Recipe

door Linda Terrizzi

American layer cake with chocolate ganache 'drip'

The drip cake is an American invention that has been indispensable for a number of years. Most cake bakers know: drip cakes are very much in demand as a showpiece at a birthday or party. They also look beautiful: a tall cake, topped with white or colored buttercream. Top that with a 'drip' of chocolate ganache and then top it off with whatever you like. Sweets, donuts, dollops of whipped cream – you can think of it so crazy!

For my birthday we received from Total construction house everything you need to make such a spectacular drip cake. We thought that was a lot of fun! Most of you who regularly bake cakes will undoubtedly already know the store, and we were already regular customers for this assignment.

For this cake we mainly used Brand New Cake products. This is a new brand that is exclusively for sale at Baktotaal Bouwhuis. The great thing about this brand is that the products are of professional quality, but available in small quantities and at an attractive price. As a result, you can also use professional products as a home baker / hobby baker, without having to buy a large amount of them.

drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

Linda immediately went to work with the products and how you liked it, you can read in this article. I already tell you: the result was great (both in appearance and taste)!

What do you need?

For this collaboration we received the following products:

We added the following ourselves:

  • 300 gr butter
  • 750ml whipped cream
  • 2 sachets 'knock fix'
  • 3 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Edible gold leaf

The result was this huge drip cake with a diameter of 24 centimeters and uhmm… a lot of centimeters in height;)

drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

How do you make a drip cake?

A drip cake looks spectacular and laborious. Indeed, the recipe consists of several parts; this is how you first make the sponge cake, which you fill with buttercream or whipped cream. We like to choose whipped cream, because the cake remains much lighter and fluffier. This is of course a personal choice.

Then cover the cake with buttercream. Finally, the 'drip' of chocolate ganache goes over the cake and is decorated with candies. And although that is quite a lot of actions, it is fortunately not very difficult. For example, it is a lot easier to make a drip cake than a cake covered with fondant or marzipan!

Let's start making the cake…

The filling

We were the first to make the filling. As mentioned before, we used whipped cream for this. You prepare this in the following way and suitable for carrying a cake:


  • 500 ml cream
  • 2 bags of whisk fix
  • 3 tbsp powdered sugar


Beat the whipped cream, together with the icing sugar and the whisk fix, until it is completely stiff. We use the whisk fix, so that the cream will be whipped longer and can support the weight of the cake.

Place the whipped cream in the refrigerator while you continue making the cake.

The cake

drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

We make this drip cake with the biscuit mix from Brand New Cake. Do you prefer to bake completely 'from scratch'? Then use us recipe for Pan Lefi.

The biscuit mix worked very well: The air remained well 'caught' in the batter during mixing. This became very solid. For the first time, there was absolute certainty that the cake would remain nice and firm after baking and would not collapse. When you bake a cake for a birthday or other important event, that 'peace of mind' is very nice, I can tell you!



Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

Mix the ingredients in a large bowl and beat them with the mixer on the highest setting in about 8 minutes light and airy. Beat them on the lowest setting of the mixer for another 3 minutes.

Grease a baking tin (24-26 cm diameter) and pour the batter into the tin. Bake the cake in about 35 minutes until done and golden.

Then let the cake cool: first in the baking tin for 10 minutes and then on a wire rack, until it is at room temperature.

Cut the cake in 3 layers and fill it with the whipped cream (or buttercream). Then spread the cake all around and on top with buttercream and place it in the refrigerator. Cooling is important - this is how you ensure that the chocolate ganache solidifies immediately when you pour it over it, and that gives you that beautiful, characteristic 'drip'.

The buttercream

drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

For the buttercream we also used the mix of Brand New Cake this time. This has relative to 'normal buttercream' the advantage that the cream becomes lighter and less greasy.

I am not very fond of buttercream, and that is actually because it is normally quite fat (and also tastes). By adding this mix to the ingredients, that is no longer the case. As far as I'm concerned, a plus!



Mix the buttercream mix with the water and beat well with a whisk. Let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes.

Make sure the butter is also at room temperature in the meantime. Beat it in a few minutes.

Now gradually add the mixture to the beaten butter, until it forms a smooth and fluffy cream. Finally, add some dye in the color of your choice.

The chocolate ganache

drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house

For this drip cake we made ganache from dark chocolate. Not only is this very tasty (because: the highest percentage of cocoa, and therefore the most flavor!), But dark chocolate is also much easier to process than milk or white chocolate. So almost foolproof!

You can of course use 'normal' dark chocolate from the supermarket, but if you really want to do it right, then choose chocolate callets from a good brand. You certainly taste the difference in taste, and because the chocolate is already formed in drops, you also process it faster and easier than a bar that you first have to chop into pieces.



Melt the butter in a pan and mix in the cream. Add the chocolate callets in portions and stir well, while continuing to heat the pan over low heat.

When all the chocolate has melted and you have a thick, shiny 'sauce', turn off the heat. Allow the ganache to cool down to about body temperature. Then put the ganache in a piping bag without a nozzle, which has not yet been cut off.

When you pour the ganache over the cake, cut a small corner of the piping bag so that the ganache can pass through.

Do not pour the ganache over the cake until the cake has cooled well. This way you can be sure that the 'drip' stops halfway through the cake and does not continue downwards. Now that you have made all the components of the drip cake, assembling starts.

Composing a drip cake

You should have cut the cake in 3 layers and filled it with whipped cream or buttercream. When you have placed the last layer of cake on top, it is time to neatly coat the cake with buttercream.

With a drip cake it is important that the top corner is smeared tightly. You do this by first smearing the top of the cake and then the sides. You should have a little buttercream on the sides.

Fold it back over the top of the cake with a wet palette knife. This way the corner will be nice and tight and the ganache will fall nicely over it. Now cool the cake well. This is also conducive to a nice 'drip'.

Make sure the ganache is at about body temperature. Has it cooled down too far? Then reheat it: in the microwave or in a pan for a few seconds.

the 'dripping'

Cut a small corner of the piping bag containing the ganache and pour the ganache in a thin line on the outer edge of the cake. You can add more and more until it is 'too much' and the ganache will run a little over the edge of the cake.

When you have made a nice 'drip', you can pour the rest of the ganache in the middle of the cake, so that it becomes an even layer. Some people like to leave this out and leave the 'drip' on the edge only. Also nice!

Finally, you can further decorate the cake with whipped cream or buttercream, candies, cookies, donuts, gold leaf or sprinkles ... you can't imagine it! Then put the cake in the fridge. Here it stays good for about 2 days. The cake can also be frozen.

It is best to let the cake (almost) at room temperature before serving, so that the buttercream is nice and soft.


drip cake recipe brand new cake construction house
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