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coconut marshmallow cheesecake

Coconut marshmallow cheesecake

door Linda Terrizzi

This coconut marshmallow cheesecake from Erseline Principal consists of 3 layers: A bottom of broken biscuits, above that a layer of cheesecake with coconut flavor and on top of it a thick layer of homemade marshmallow. The layers are held together with a thin layer of fresh cherry jam.

Pastry chef

Erseline is now an accomplished confectioner and you can taste that! She makes them most beautiful creations and one of these is this delicious over-the-top cheesecake. We had the privilege of meeting and interviewing her for our cookbook. The recipe she wanted to share turned out to be nothing short of fantastic! It is definitely a great addition to the other recipes in our book.


coconut marshmallow cheesecake antillian recipes

The recipe for the coconut marshmallow cheesecake

The recipe for this cake is extensive – perfect for when you have the time to bake to your heart's content. It took us a lot of effort to fit Erseline's extensive description on one page of our cookbook. But… it (finally) worked! With Erseline's good tips and clear description, everyone succeeds in conjuring such a delicious cake on the table.

The cake combines the Caribbean flavors of coconut, lime with fresh cherry jam. The 'coconut marshmallow cheesecake' is a great cake for those who want to go all out. You can find the recipe for this cheesecake in our cookbook, Nos Kushina Moderno.

Interview with Erseline

When we got Erseline's recipe, we thought it would be fun to do an interview with this young pastry chef right away. Erseline is a very ambitious young woman with big plans to Aruba to start her own bakery. And that's not strange either; her father has also been in the bakery business for years. Erseline's father has been making the tastiest Antillean sandwiches, cakes and pastries for many years. Sometimes the whole family helped make these treats.

The result of the interview can be seen in the video below:


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