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Cheater's pandushi with coconut and pineapple

door Linda Terrizzi

The Antillean pandushi is one of our favorite sweet rolls. You make them with nice soft bread dough and a filling of sugar and cinnamon. There is also a version with coconut and both versions are of course equally tasty.

However, there is one small drawback to making the pandushis and that is the bread dough always has to rise for a long time. Making the buns isn't too much work, but the waiting… the dough just needs time to get airy. Normally I plan well in advance when I'm going to make pandushis. You have to, because with more than two hours of rising time, this is not something you can make on a whim.

And yet, and yet… sometimes you just feel like a nice sweet sandwich and you don't feel like waiting that long. In addition, our recipe for the pandushi di kokolishi immediately for 20 pieces. Sometimes you just want a few. Don't make it difficult, just enjoy it quickly. And then it offers ready-made dough of Danerolles outcome. For this recipe we use the dough for cinnamon swirls. Because whoever pays attention knows that a pandushi actually comes very close to a delicious cinnamon swirl!


Danerolles dough for pandushi

A while ago I was asked if I wanted to test the different products of Danerolles. Because Danerolles doesn't just make croissant dough (and I didn't know this either!). They have 7 different types of ready-made dough that you can find in the refrigerator of the supermarket.

One of which is this cinnamon swirl dough. Specially made for a tasty, rolled cinnamon bun. If you go for the 'normal' version with sugar and cinnamon, you only need to add a knob of butter yourself. Both the sugar and the cinnamon are already in the package (in a separate bag). Precisely adjusted for 6 sandwiches. Useful!

But you know me: I always have to add something to everything. That's why I go with this 'cheater's pandushi' for a filling of freshly grated coconut and pineapple. And then, also a quick frosting of cream cheese on top. The total time for making these sandwiches? 30 minutes. And that includes 15 minutes of baking time… let's get started!



I know some of our readers are now on the defensive and in my mind I can already see their faces turning. I'll say it in advance for them:This is not a real authentic Antillean pandushi at all! Jurino, this is sacrilege. This is not traditional. My grandma is turning in her grave!".

And… yes, I know that. That's why I also called it cheater's pandushi. Because it is not the original version. Would you rather make the real authentic Antillean pandushi and are you willing to wait 2,5 hours for that? Top! Then you need this recipe. But do you – like me – ever have a day when you don't want to do all the work? Then read on for this modified and fast version!

This recipe is for 10-12 small rolls. I cut the cinnamon swirl dough in half first.



Preparation cheater's pandushi

Peel the coconut and grate half of it with a coarse grater. Drain the pineapple pieces well. Mix the coconut chips with the pineapple and set it aside.

Now preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Remove the cinnamon swirl dough from the package and roll it out carefully. Then cut the dough in half, making two large rectangles.

Sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon from the package (I used half for this recipe!) and then divide the coconut and pineapple over it. Roll up the dough and press the ends well so that they do not open during baking.

Place the pandushis on the baking sheet and brush with some of the beaten egg. Then bake the buns for about 15-18 minutes until golden and golden.

While your sandwiches are cooling, make the quick frosting. To do this, mix the cream cheese with the powdered sugar and lime juice. Put this in a piping bag or roll one of baking paper. Trim a small tip so that the frosting runs out in a thin stream. Decorate the buns with this. Enjoy your meal!

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Cheater's pandushi with coconut and pineapple - with Danerolles dough
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