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Baking with packages and bags… it is a subject that lends itself to a considerable discussion among our followers. Some of you love to finish cooking (or baking) in half an hour, and others think it borders on sacrilege. Which 'team' are you in when it comes to cooking and baking with semi-finished products?

Cooking: no! Baking: go ahead then

I'll confess to you: I hardly ever do it during cooking. Except for a spice mix, I prefer to use fresh ingredients, if possible without packaging. Just vegetables from the vegetable shelf and meat from the butcher.

When baking cakes and pastries, I am also quickly inclined to 'just' go for the basic ingredients. Self-raising flour? “No dude… I just buy flour and baking powder and mix it myself.” So that way.

But I kind of came back from that last one. After all, it makes little difference whether you buy your sugar and flour separately or in a mix – after all, these are no longer fresh products. So whether you buy one pack or two… the contents remain the same.

Our youngest daughter loves to bake and prefers to do everything herself. Then mixes where you only have to add eggs, oil or butter are actually quite handy. And something else that is also nice: you hardly have to weigh anything. And are you done baking? Then the suit is also empty! So no more half bags of flour containing bugs. That cleans up nicely!

And yet, and yet… mixes in the supermarket usually don't make you happy. The result of a cake-from-a-pack is often mediocre and I always have the idea that it tastes different from a real homemade cake.


Professional bakery products

I have very different experiences with the cake mixes from the bakery world. At the wholesalers you can find the best basis for, for example, sponge cake or even Red velvet cake to buy. With perfect results, and really just as tasty as a homemade cake. But those WHOLESALES also have one BIG disadvantage: everything is BIG!

You buy the mixes in bags of about 20 kilos and ehh… I don't see myself baking 60 cakes anytime soon before the best-before date has passed. Moreover, you need a Chamber of Commerce number to buy anything at all, so for most of us that is not an option.

banana straciatella cake Brand New Cake recipe

Brand New Cake

You probably already understand where I want to go: the ultimate solution! And that has recently become available! At Baktotaal Bouwhuis (the online shop where you can score all the essentials for baking cake and pastries), products of the brand “Brand New Cake” have recently been sold. The approach is that these are professional products (read: the mixes from the confectionery world) in small quantities.

I wrote about it before the drip cake that we made with the Brand New Cake mix for sponge cake and what a great result that gave. This time again such a product: the Brand New Cake banana straciatella cake mix.

You buy this mix in a bag of 400 grams and that is just enough for one big cake. Add yourself: eggs and butter. What makes this cake unique? Not just the chocolate pieces (which you would expect in a straciatella cake, of course) but the dried banana pieces. That dried banana… that's serious business!

After baking, these pieces do not dissolve in the cake, like fresh banana does. The banana cubes from the mix remain recognizable and delicious 'chewy', and everyone I let the cake taste asked how I got it done. So again a success! And, you guessed it: this cake was also made entirely by our youngest (7-year-old) daughter Shannon.

Do you want to get started to make such a cake yourself? The mix can be found through this link. We are curious about your result! Maybe you have a great idea for an extra topping on the cake? (It doesn't need that, by the way… we loved it with just a little powdered sugar!)

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