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How do you decorate an Antillean birthday cake?

door Linda Terrizzi

It is one of the most frequently asked questions: What is that sweet layer that we have on our bolo di manteka lubricate? It comes in all colors, is sweet and airy… and sometimes it has a taste. But what exactly is it?

Bolo decorate di manteka

So: you've baked your cake, it's filled with a delicious filling… but now it has to be transformed into a beautiful birthday cake. You may already have an idea about the colors or theme you will be processing. The big question remains: how are you going to do this, so that it becomes tasty and beautiful?

2 ways

In this article we give you two ways to prepare the Antillean birthday cake. The first way (with royal icing) is the 'traditional' way. Most birthday cakes on Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao are decorated with royal icing. This sweet cream is made with protein and hardens when left to dry.

This has two advantages: the cake can take a beating and heat. It is of course always warm in the Antilles – which is why this is the most common way to decorate a cake. Some people also call this cream “suku pa dorna bolo” (sugar to decorate the cake).

The other way to decorate the cake is with a layer of buttercream. This version is softer, airier and (of course!) A bit fatter. The cake gets a shiny layer of super soft cream, which most people love.

royal icing

You can make royal icing the traditional way. Then proteins are used. Note: the egg whites remain raw in this recipe. Now this is usually nothing to worry about, but if you still find it scary (or pregnant ladies eat with it), you can choose to make the icing with meringue powder. We give you two recipes in our article… you can choose yourself!

You can also make beautiful decorations from the royal icing (often even more beautiful and accurate than from buttercream). Because the sugar hardens after drying, there is less chance of breaking. You will find it royal icing recipe here.

butter cream

About our bolo di manteka We like to use butter cream to fill and decorate it without becoming too heavy. Long tapping makes it a lot more airy than, for example, a layer of fondant or marzipan. It is also very easy to process. You can spread a smooth layer over the cake, but it can also be sprayed in all kinds of shapes. This way you can add beautiful borders and decorations to your cake.

Flowers, tufts, peaks... you can't think of anything that can be made from this cream. You can turn a 'boring' cake into a real birthday cake. So completely party-proof! You make the tastiest buttercream according to our recipe.

antillean cake suku pa dorna bolo royal icing recipe



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