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tjauw mien surinam antillean recipe caribbean style chow mein

Tjauw Mien Caribbean style

door Linda Terrizzi

Tjauw Mien is a well-known noodle dish. The name is sometimes written in English as Chow Mein. It is originally Chinese, but you can also find it in Surinamese and Caribbean cuisine.

Because each country has its own version of the tjauw mien, we thought it was a good idea to include this 'Caribbean' tjauw mien in our collection.

In the Antilles you can find the tjauw mien in almost every restaurant that sells krioyo food. Usually you can choose a version with chicken and one with pork.

Our recipe uses pork and broccoli mixed in with the noodles. The meat has a very special marinade, which gives it a distinct flavor and a beautiful red color.

tjauw mien surinam antillean recipe caribbean style chow mein


You make the tjauw mien with egg noodles. This pasta type is slightly curly and has a firm bite. In addition, this Caribbean version of the dish includes broccoli, carrot, bell pepper, marinated pork and a lot of spices.

If you like spicy food, you can also add Madame Jeanette peper to it. And otherwise you can always have a little pika next to serving, so that everyone can decide how hot they eat this dish.

Recipe for tjauw mien Caribbean style

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Tjauw mien Caribbean style / Antillean version of chow mein
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