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Antillean pandushi cheesecake recipe

Cheesecake with cinnamon bun base

door Linda Terrizzi

The pandushi cheesecake… for when you really can't choose between (yes!) pandushi or cheesecake.

In this recipe you start making the dough for a traditional Antillean pandushi di kokolishi. Then place the pieces of dough in a baking tin and pour them with the batter for a tasty cinnamon cheesecake.

Adding or not adding frosting?

The two layers are then baked together, resulting in this tasty pandushi cheesecake. Because the layer of cheesecake is already nice and thick, you can choose to omit the glaze that goes with the pandushi. But if you have a real sweet tooth, he can of course still top it!


  • 1x pandushi dough
  • 400 gr cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 ml sour cream / crème fraîche
  • 50 gr sugar
  • a cap of vanilla essence And further:
  • 50 gr butter, at room temperature
  • 50 gr brown caster sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

Antillean pandushi cheesecake recipe


Prepare the pandushi dough according to our recipe. When you have arrived at the cutting of the dough slices, place them in a greased, round baking tin.

Leave some space between the pieces of dough. The dough will still rise and take up space with it.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and grease a baking tin (24-26cm) with butter.

Now mix the cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, sugar and vanilla essence.

Beat until fluffy and smooth in about 3 minutes.

Then mix the cinnamon filling by stirring the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.

Pour half of the cheesecake mixture on the pandushi dough.

Sprinkle this with a few teaspoons of the cinnamon filling.

Now pour the rest of the cheesecake mixture into the mold and make the cinnamon filling in the same way.

Take a fork and gently pass through the batter so that the cinnamon and cheesecake mix a little.

Place the baking tin in the center of the preheated oven and bake the pie in about 60 minutes.

Let the cake cool completely before removing it from the mold.

The cake is best when served chilled.


Antillean pandushi cheesecake recipe

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Antillean pandushi cheesecake
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