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Caribbean high tea recipes antillean food tea hightea

The Caribbean high tea (FREE e-book!)

door Linda Terrizzi

Two years ago we once organized a 'Caribbean high tea' at our home. As far as we are concerned it was a great success! Delicious tea in combination with tasty Caribbean snacks… what more could you want?

The photos of that day still generate a lot of reactions. People would like to know how to organize such a Caribbean high tea themselves. However, we have never been able to write an article about it before. So until now!

Loose tea from Evans & Watson

In cooperation with Evans & Watson we have managed to make the perfect combination between different kinds of high quality tea and tasty, small versions of (traditional) Antillean snacks. These come into their own with the exotic flavors of the tea. Finest of all? You can simply buy Evans and Watson tea online in large or small packs. And from € 29 everything will be delivered to you for free!

Caribbean high tea recipes antillean food tea highteaFor our Caribbean high tea we chose a very handy product, namely the 'tea tasting package', which contains no less than 8 different types of loose tea. And you can choose the flavors YOURSELF!

We chose the following flavors:

Each sachet contains 10 grams of tea, which is enough for about five cups. You can opt for black tea with or without flavor, green tea and even herbal teas. And if you think that such a package costs a lot of money, you are wrong: for only € 10,25 you have all the tea you need to organize a Caribbean high tea for at least 10-15 people, where everyone can enjoy can choose which flavor of tea he/she takes.

If you are used to tea bags, loose tea may take some getting used to. We are real tea teas at home, so we have different kinds of loose tea (and actually no more bags) in the cupboard. This also means that we have a number of tea eggs to hang the tea with in the pot.

How do you filter loose tea?

Some people also choose a teapot with an integrated filter. Also very handy, but a bit more expensive than the humble Tea egg. A third option (which I did not know before!) Is it 'finum' filter system which you can order at Evans & Watson. Here you buy a box with tea bags made from the fibers of banana leaves. You can use this once and then throw it away (just like a normal tea bag). They have no taste and are not bad for the environment.

You will think I'm stupid, but I think the smartest trick is the plastic skewers that come with the system. You push this through the tea bag, so that it can just hang in your cup, without having to make knots difficult and without the water leaking past your cup. If only everything were that simple…

Caribbean high tea recipes antillean food tea hightea

The finum filter system can be found in a number of different sizes (depending on whether you like to make one cup of tea or rather an entire pot) and for 100 filters you pay just over four Euro. When I make a pot of tea at home I prefer to use the reusable tea egg, but at a high tea where about 10 people all want to choose their own cup of tea, the Finum system is really a solution!

Herbs and spices

As mentioned before, all orders with a value of €29 or higher are delivered free of charge. I'll tell you honestly: to spend $29 on tea in one go might be a bit tricky. Fortunately, at Evans & Watson you can also find loose herbs that you can use in food, or (if you like that) for making herbal teas or ointments.

When I order, there is always a bag star anise add to the shopping cart… can you guess why? It is one of the indispensable ingredients in the sauce of our famous 'Saté ku Batata". And between us: In the supermarket you pay a lot more for a lot less;)

Caribbean high tea recipes antillean food tea hightea

Oh… and of course some liquorice sticks. My kids always look at me very weird when I put one in my mouth, but come on - it's a lot healthier than a lollipop, right?

Golden turmeric milk

The last product in the 'spices' category that we were allowed to test was turmeric. This is also called 'yellow root' in Dutch and believe it is yellow! The spice is good for just about anything and I wanted to have it in the package to make a drink for those who don't like tea. (Yes. During high tea. I know…)

This 'golden milk' (or, if you're hipster, 'turmeric latte') is said to help with inflammation, colds, flu, stomach aches and a hundred other things. I can't say if it's true – but it tastes great and is a lot healthier than soda!

You make the 'golden turmeric milk' in the following way:


  • 500 ml milk
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • 1 cm (fresh) grated ginger


Mix the ingredients and let the milk simmer for about 10 minutes. Pour the drink through a sieve and drink it nice and warm!

What snacks do you make with a high tea?

High tea does not only include tea, of course, but also includes tasty snacks! Always make sure that you make a nice combination of sweet and savory snacks, so that you get a nice, varied buffet.

Something else you really have to pay attention to: Don't make the snacks too big! A slice of cashew nut tart will spoil your appetite, but such a cashew cupcake is fun as part of a larger whole. This way you can be sure that your guests are not immediately full after their first choice.

If you organize a high tea for lunch, you can expect about 8-10 snacks per person.

Caribbean high tea recipes antillean food tea hightea

Small versions of Antillean snacks

As I said, the cashew cupcakes (recipe in our baking book 'Hé Dushi') perfect as part of high tea. But also consider small portions kesio, Or pastechi that are half the size of normal.

Even small sticks saté with sauce (without the 'batata', come on… don't exaggerate!) are a nice change and immediately give that real Antillean touch to the afternoon.

Free e-book with Caribbean high tea recipes

To help you get even further, we have created this free e-book for you. In it you will find a number of recipes and ideas for snacks that you can serve during the Caribbean high tea. Each snack also states which tea goes well with it. For our high tea we have selected flavors of tea with ingredients that you can find in the Antilles.

Think pineapple, lime or hibiscus… or how about rum, passion fruit or coconut. There are so many flavors available in the Evans & Watson web store that it becomes difficult to choose 'only' 8 for the sample pack ;)

Download the free e-book here


Are you hungry for a Caribbean high tea? Then you can definitely move forward with the recipes on our website. For the tea, spices and the filter system you can visit https://www.evansnwatson.nl

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