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Antillean fish croquettes krokechi di piska recipe

Antillean fish croquettes

door Linda Terrizzi

These Antillean fish croquettes are a delicious snack. You can eat them straight, on a sandwich, or as part of the evening meal. They are made from white fish… for example cod. This fish has a soft taste, so you can also taste the other ingredients.

In appearance they are a bit like fish fingers. Yet they taste very different. The fish is flavored in these croquettes with all kinds of vegetables and herbs. It is a delicious recipe that is really 'different from usual'.

Mild or spicy?

Do you like mild food or do you prefer spicy? You can add a piece of Madame Jeanette pepper to the filling of the croquettes for extra spiciness. So according to your own taste… that's the great thing about making snacks yourself!

Antillean fish croquette recipe

This recipe can be found in our cookbook 'The complete Antillean kitchen'. Of course in the first chapter, which contains all the tasty Antillean snacks. By the way, did you know that our book contains no less than 300 (!) recipes from the kitchen of Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao?

It is the result of 7 years of research and we now finally dare to say that we have really “captured” Antillean cuisine in its entirety. Click on the image below to learn more about the book:

the complete antillean kitchen cookbook jurino ignacio

Which recipes are online?

Do you regret that the recipe for the fish croquettes is only in our book and do you already want to get started with a tasty, Antillean snack? These recipes are on the site & can therefore be made immediately:

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Antillean fish croquettes / krokèchi di piská recipe
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