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The complete Antillean kitchen


After seven years of collecting, testing and writing down recipes, the time has finally come: one COMPLETE representation of our Antillean cuisine! In 'the complete Antillean kitchen' you will find no less than 300 recipes uit Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao.

Really ALL recipes are in this book – from ayaka to zhozholi. We have sorted the recipes by type (snacks, soups, salads, main dishes, sweets, pastries, drinks, etc…) and rewritten them after checking all the details.

About 100 recipes from this book have been published before in our other cookbooks. We have not previously released the other 200 recipes. Do you already have our other books and do you want to know if this book is relevant to you?

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Would you like to have one book containing the complete Antillean cuisine? Then this is the book you must have! On 288 pages you will find the most delicious Antillean dishes, all with a color photo. This book has of course also been republished as a hardcover and printed on thick, glossy paper.

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