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Taste Curaçao

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In our smallest book 'Taste Curaçao' you will find the 22 best recipes from the Antillean kitchen. The booklet is intended for people who do NOT know our kitchen yet… to give as a present!

The more booklets you order, the cheaper they become. We really want our kitchen to be better known to a large audience.

From €20,- NO shipping costs (otherwise € 2,99)

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Note: With several books, the price is significantly lower!


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This booklet is intended as a first introduction to Antillean cuisine. In the booklet you will find the 22 best and most representative recipes of Curaçao. Most of these recipes can also be found in our 'big cookbooks' Nos Kushina Krioyo and Nos Kushina Moderno.

Then why this booklet? To give as a gift or to hand out! The more people get to know our kitchen, the better… so maybe you can share your set with family or friends?

Extra low price

Because we like to see as many people as possible acquainted with our kitchen, the price of these books is extra low. We don't earn anything on it, but we just really want everyone to be familiar with the delicacies of the Antilles. The costs of the booklet are mainly in the postage, printing costs and transaction costs. That is why you will notice that the price of the booklet gets lower and lower the more you order.

Maybe you would like to treat the booklets to your work? (always that multi pie… ;) )

The fact that the booklet does not cost much does not detract from the quality… that is what you are used to from us: beautiful, shiny paper – clear color photos and recipes with modern design. Will you help us put Antillean cuisine on the map?

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Do you have our new website SOULFOOD.NL seen already? There you will find many more delicious recipes that not all come from the Antillean kitchen!

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