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A while ago we had these cute postcards with recipes printed. There are two designs: one with the recipe for our famous one Johnny Cakes and one with the recipe of peanut letters.

We did this so that we can make our delicious cuisine even better known. Isn't it a nice first acquaintance when you receive such a card with a complete recipe?

Immediately after making it, people started asking if they couldn't order the cards from us. Now this was not entirely the intention, but if you really want to… it should of course be possible! For the cards themselves we need not receive any money.

The costs that the webshop calculates therefore consist entirely of transaction costs, VAT and shipping costs. Also for this product applies that we ship above € 20, - for free.

Do you know people who would appreciate such a ticket? Or maybe you want to hand them out at your next party or at a club? Then you can order 16 tickets from us for €1 (+ €2,99 shipping costs).

You will then receive the recipe 8 times Johnny Cakes and 8x the recipe for the peanut cookies.

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