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Mix & match with Antillean dishes

door Linda Terrizzi

You can of course eat Antillean dishes in the setting of a complete, traditional meal. You make a tasty stobá with funchi, sauce and fried banana… just as it should be. But it's even more fun to occasionally 'mix & match' with our dishes. Antillean stew with fries, or one of our rice dishes alongside an Italian salad. Call it a bit of fusion. This makes it even more fun to enjoy our recipes!

What are we eating today?

This question is asked every day. Are you going to cook extensively? Are you ordering something to eat? Do you use a tried and tested recipe or are you going for something new? Anyway, the question is and remains:what are we eating?” (For example, on the site groceries.nl you will find a lot of recipes that do not come from the Antillean kitchen!)

Maybe you are tired of the standard combinations of dishes and it is time for something new. Our answer to that is: “Think outside the box!” It is great fun to combine dishes from different countries to come up with a unique 'fusion' meal.


And what applies to a meal (lunch or dinner) applies even more so to a party! Just think how tasty and interesting a buffet could be when elements from different cuisines come along. This way you are sure to surprise your guests with something they will talk about for a long time…

3 Cultures at home

Maybe it's easy for us to say – 'at home' we already have 3 cultures anyway. I am Antillean, my wife half Italian and half Dutch. So it is quite natural for us to have a Caribbean pizza to make with jerk chicken. Or to combine Dutch cauliflower (yes really, 'with a porridge', as Uncle Willem also eats) with Italian potato gnocchi.

I know I may be knocking over some holy houses here, but believe me: your world is really enlarged if you don't always stick to "how it should be" or "how it always has been".

Of course there are days when I'm homesick for Curaçao and preferably put a complete Antillean meal on the table… including a tip bolo di cashupete after. But most days we are fine with a combination of dishes from different countries. And that doesn't necessarily have to be the countries where we have our roots. The Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian and Syrian cuisine also has treasures that combine well with dishes that we already know.

So my tip is… give it a try! be a littleopen minded' and who knows, you might soon surprise your family or friends with a delicious, international dinner.


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