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door Linda Terrizzi

Dear reader,

We receive so many questions every day via social media and mail that unfortunately it is no longer possible to answer them all. Our website is visited monthly by more than 200.000 people. There are really quite a lot of them. 

If we were to answer all the questions, we would be working on this full-time and we would no longer be able to do our work.

We would therefore be very happy if you first check the following frequently asked questions. Perhaps the answer to your question is already there and you have been helped immediately. If not, you can always leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram to ask about a recipe. If we have the opportunity to answer, we certainly will.

Thank you for your understanding!



Can I have Antillean with you order food, snacks or pies?

– Unfortunately! You cannot order food from us.

Can I *** in advance make and freeze? "

– Most Antillean snacks can be made in advance and frozen (raw). Pastechi, Johnny Cake, cheese balls, spring rolls and croquettes/bitterballs can then be baked in the hot oil at a later time - still frozen. Cakes, cookies and other pastries can also be stored very well (in a closed box) in the freezer until later. What should you NOT freeze? Kesio and potato based salads! Knowing more? Watch our video!

Where can I get one buy an ingredient?

– Most of the ingredients from our recipes can be found in the supermarket. For all ingredients that you cannot find there, we would like to refer you to the Amazing Oriental webshop. They deliver your exotic products at home for free from € 35, -

I problems with pie / cake baking. What am I doing wrong?

– We have the most problems (and their solutions!) when making pie and cake in this article listed for you. 

I problems with Johnny Cakes baking. What am I doing wrong?

– We have the most common problems (and their solutions!) when making bij Johnny Cakes in this article listed for you. 

I can no alcohol use. Can I replace the drink in ***?”

– In almost all (sweet) recipes you can replace the alcohol, usually rum, with the same amount of water with 2 teaspoons of sugar and a cap of rum essence. This works fine for kesio, bolo di pruimu, ponche crema or for example tèrt. The only dish where the alcohol really cannot be replaced is the Bolo pretu

Can you email me a recipe from the cookbook?

– No, we do not send recipes by email. Because 180.000 readers x “just email that one recipe” = 180.000 recipes per month.

We understand that you would like to make a recipe from the book without purchasing the book, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate this. Not really a reasonable question, is it? We have put a lot of work into the book and we believe it is well worth its price. Not ready to buy it? No problem – there are still plenty of free recipes on the site!

…And no, a story about “books that just happen to be in a moving box”, or that you “really want to make the dish today, while the ordered book will only arrive tomorrow” unfortunately will not help. You're not the first to try it;)

I am at look for the recipe in front of ***

– You can use the search function on our website to search by the name of a dish, or by ingredient! On the computer you will find the search bar at the top of the menu on the right side of your screen. Are you viewing the site on a phone? Then you will find the search bar as the first choice in the menu at the top.

Is the recipe not on the site? Then you can assume that we don't have it. (there is no secret stash of recipes yet to be published)



In what language are the books written?”

– All books are 100% Dutch! A translation is currently not planned.

Are the cookbooks too in the Antilles available?

- Hell yes! You can also buy our cookbooks in local shops in the Antilles. On Aruba you can do that at Cookings Aruba – on Bonaire at Bruna and on Curaçao at Mensing's Caminada and Bruna Zuikertuintje.

What recipes
are there in the books?

– On the product page of each book you can view the table of contents or watch a video in which we briefly show each page of the book. This way you immediately know which recipes to expect!


Why can I get you recipes do not copy or save?

– Due to copyright, our recipes are copy protected. If you would still like to have a collection of our recipes, you could consider 1 of our cookbooks to purchase.

How can I get one find recipe?

– You can find a recipe by looking at the type of dish in the menu. You can also search by ingredient or name with the search function on the homepage and in the menu.



Do you offer shortly workshops?

– As soon as circumstances allow, we will certainly offer new workshops again. Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment due to the corona measures. 


Are you interested in one link exchange?

– No. (no, really not!) Unfortunately we don't have a page with links to other companies. We are therefore unable to participate in a 'link exchange'.

I would like a to interview / write an article about Antillean Food

– That is (almost) always possible! You can reach us for this at info@jurinoignacio. Nl

May I have your recipes put on my site?

– No. Unfortunately, we cannot make our recipes available free of charge for publication on other websites. If you want to republish one of our recipes (+ accompanying photos) online or offline, licenses are available. For more information, please refer to our page for collaborations.

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