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door Linda Terrizzi

Antilliaans-Eten.nl is the place for lovers of Caribbean cuisine. Nice that you want to work with us! 

At the moment, our statistics are as follows:

Our target group consists for the most part of women aged 25 - 45 with a great interest in tasty Caribbean food, new recipes, kitchen utensils and baking cakes. Our visitors are loyal, committed, active online and often have multiple social media accounts.

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    These are our options

    • Advertorial
      We write an article about your product or brand. We prefer to do this in combination with a (new) recipe. This ensures extra visitors and therefore extra results. The photos that we take with the article can be used royalty-free by the client. Examples of previous collaborations can be found at the bottom of the page.
    • Partnership
      Prefer a long-term partnership? That too is possible! By regularly featuring your brand or product on our website and social media channels, our visitors become familiar with it. The power of repetition is something we strongly believe in and so we strongly support this form of collaboration.
    • Advertising on social media
      Promotion of your brand or product on one or more social channels. For example, think of a photo, story or recipe on Instagram or a giveaway on Facebook. Prefer to use Pinterest? Then we can make a separate inspiration board that matches the product.
    • Product placement
      We like to use product placement in a long-term collaboration. Your brand or product will regularly appear on our site and social media channels. The product will be shown in the photos we post with a recipe
    • Video
      A YouTube or Instagram video or in which your brand or product is featured in the form of a recipe or review. A giveaway can also be accompanied by a special video, for even more reach.
    • Banner
      It is possible to place a banner on our site. This can be placed in the sidebar or in (a certain category) of recipes in consultation. The banner becomes a link to your website or webshop and can be ordered per month.

    We have previously worked with ...

    We enjoy creating content for brands that give us a good feeling.

    In the past we have been able to write enthusiastically about: Coolblue, SOLA, Ministry of Defense, Bosch, HG, Antilliaanse Dagblad, Nutrition Center, Unidex, Vice magazine, Smulweb, Valhal Outdoor, Maxima Kitchen Equipment, Princess, Baktotaal Bouwhuis, Steelite Emea, Beimer premium meat, Black-tailed Godwit, Teisseire, Amigoe, TeleCuraçao, NTR Caribbean Network, ROSEstories, Latin Magazine, Curaçao Liqueurs, Algemeen Dagblad, WNL (NPO2) and the Woonbond. 

    Examples of previous collaborations:

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