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wash plate review

Cooking & Cleaning: Washplate review

door Linda Terrizzi

Where cooking is done, it must also be cleaned once. What am I saying, one time!? With us several times a day! After every cook, our kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded. It also doesn't help that we often want to take a picture of the food right away. That means a lot of cleaning afterwards, usually with a dishcloth. And you can clean it quickly and easily with the Washplate, every day!

As you know our kitchen is recently renovated. We got a nice, modern kitchen with a dark counter top. And of course we want to keep it clean and tidy. Especially when you consider that 3 meals are made there every day.

The dirty dishcloth

If it is not time for a 'major cleaning', that is usually done with a dish cloth. This allows you to quickly and easily remove all crumbs and leftovers from the kitchen counter and cupboards. A bonus if that dish cloth is made of microfibers, you can immediately clean the oven door and (in our case) the glass hood without streaks.

But although such a dishcloth is used daily, it has one major drawback: it gets dirty very quickly. And dirty in this case also means a breeding ground for bacteria. And you just don't want that in the kitchen!

The solution, of course, is simple: you need it regularly clean dishcloth. To kill all bacteria, preferably in the cooking wash, or at least at 60 degrees. And therein lies the problem… because a wash of 60 degrees or more is not turned so often. Besides the fact that it 'eats' quite a lot of energy, most clothes cannot withstand temperatures above 40 degrees. And so that dishcloth often stays in place longer than desired.


The washplate, a perfect solution!

The Trint Innovations company from Ede came up with a convenient and cheap solution to this problem: we simply wash the dishcloth in the dishwasher every day! That is possible with them wash plate, a plastic plate without an interior on which you can stretch the dishcloth. You then put it in the dishwasher with a washplate. Just in the plate rack. Because it takes up no more space than one dinner plate.

Tensioning is very easy: you can just put the cloth on the counter top with the washplate on top. Then fold the four corners of the cloth over and insert it into the openings of the plate. That's it!


We were allowed to test the washplate and the result is impressive. The wipes work well and even clean glass surfaces without streaks. And, perhaps more importantly, they come out of the machine clean again.

De set that we were allowed to test consisted of one wash plate and two wipes. Perfect for us, because when one cloth is in the dishwasher, you can still use the other. And no matter how dirty it gets, after a normal washing program with a good dishwasher tablet, the cloth is as good as new! Sets are also available with multiple wipes and even double sets with two washplates and 4 wipes. Handy if you have a holiday home and even more convenient when you buy it together with the neighbor (because that saves € 6 again!)

We are very happy with our washplate and the microfibre cloths. The wipes are fine enough for glass (windows, oven door, extractor hood) and they also clean very well. When they in turn get dirty, the washplate and the dishwasher together ensure that a clean cloth is ready for you at the end of the day. Every day again. Bye, bad smells and bacteria!


25% Discount for our readers

The set we tested costs €12,95 and especially for our readers there is a discount code that gives you a whopping 25% discount on all products. So whether you buy a small set or an extensive set, you always get a discount when you checkout with discount code: 25% wash plate

Win one of the 5 washplates

And we have even more good news: we can give away 5 sets of washplate + microfibre cloths to 5 lucky winners! You can win such a set by responding to our post on Facebook or Instagram. You can participate until next Tuesday 7 July. Good luck!


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