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Our best tips for beautiful food photos

door Linda Terrizzi

Since 2012, we have been listing the tastiest Caribbean recipes on this site. And of course all those recipes are provided with a beautiful photo, so that people who are not yet familiar with the dish know exactly how it should look like.

I'll admit it straight away: I'm really bad at taking pictures myself. Fortunately, that is not the case with Linda. She manages to photograph the dishes so appetizingly that you can almost taste the flavors through your screen. And the longer she was involved with food photography, the quality of the pictures also improved.

In ten years she really developed her own style. Colorful, playful and always pictures that look nice and full. No boring white backgrounds, but preferably a whole rainbow! Do you want to know what her secret is? Then read on!

A good camera for the most beautiful pictures

Today, cell phone cameras are very good. You can take great photos and video with it. For video we always use a phone to film with. It adapts very quickly when the light or distance changes.

But for photos is a good one system camera really a must. In combination with a fine lens, you can adjust just about every detail of the photo before you take it. You can set the shutter speed and aperture of the aperture exactly to the light that is present. And you can 'play' with the depth of field down to the centimeter, so you can take those beautiful photos where only one detail is sharp and the rest is blurred.

On the FotodeVakman website you will find system cameras of just about every brand. And you can also go there for matching lenses, lamps and accessories. They even have printers and binoculars! Truly a 'one stop shop' when it comes to images and editing.

Food photos are taken with the right light

When photographing food, it is important that the incidence of light is good. A large window with indirect light provides a beautiful 'daylight look'. And if you are unable to shoot with natural light (for example in winter, when it gets dark early), a daylight lamp works wonders.

We use two daylight lamps ourselves when it is dark. For a plate of food it is usually best to place a light source diagonally behind it, so that the light reflects on the food. This makes the photo very intense and the subject gets depth. Sometimes a small light has to be added at the front to mask the worst shadows. As long as you don't put two large light sources on the food at different angles, you're fine.

Accessories make the composition

Of course you can make a food photo of a single plate of food or even one snack, slice or ice cream. But it is often much more fun to make a nice composition. The dish as a 'star' in the middle, surrounded by some of the ingredients that go into it. This way you can see at a glance what goes in and what it tastes like.

Or consider a set table with several plates, cutlery and glasses. This way the food doesn't only look good in the photos, but also festive from!

We love brightly colored crockery ourselves. Preferably in different colors that contrast with the food. You will soon have a colorful rainbow photo.

Practice, practice and practice some more…

And finally… you guessed it: lots of practice! Nowadays everything is digital and you can shoot whatever you want. After all, the photos that you don't use no longer cost a roll of film or developing fluid. So make sure to take lots of photos of every dish you want to capture. At different angles… from different points of view and in different formats: portrait, landscape and square.

The more you practice, the faster you can develop your own style. And the faster you get to know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taking photos. And whatever you do, make sure you have fun doing it! That way you always get the best pictures!

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