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The story of Shannon's unicorn cake

door Linda Terrizzi

It's Shannon's birthday today and made this beautiful unicorn cake for it. That went wrong by the way! Fortunately Linda was able to solve the situation and it will be a nice day after all.

Once a year it happens, but months in advance we are reminded of it every day: Shannon's birthday! This year she turned 9 and that is (just like 8 and 7 and 6) of course a HUGE milestone that should be celebrated exuberantly. Unfortunately we were again unable to send invitations, because only a few people are still allowed to visit. But even with just grandpa and grandma and us, months of planning precede it. It is of course not just something, turning 9…

Incidentally, 80% of that planning is only about one thing: THE CAKE! Which cake are we going to make? How are we going to decorate it? What is the theme? What will the colors be? Believe me when I say that this lady is more accurate at it the design the perfect cake than we do when making a cookbook. She is really passionate about that. Not normal!

This year she got help from deleukstetaartenshop.nl – They allowed her to choose the supplies she needed for this amazing birthday cake. She felt really proud (and a real influencer, sigh.) and immediately got to work making a schedule — a schedule! — of what she needed.


The unicorn cake

It ended up being — how could it be otherwise when you turn 9 — a purple-and-blue unicorn drip cake. Because both unicorns and drip cakes are of course irresistible for little ladies. And this cake was completely built with the ingredients and decorations from DeLeuksteTaartenShop.

According to Shannon, he had to get high. At least three thick layers of cake with a filling of forest fruit bavarois in between. Ok, something different than the standard buttercream and to be honest I was very happy about that. Because bavarois is of course much lighter and fluffier than buttercream. And since there aren't many guests coming, there's a good chance that we'll have to eat a second piece of cake.

She would decorate with decomelts. They came in white and we made them blue ourselves with some chocolate coloring. That went fine.

15% discount on the entire range

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do everything yourself

Anyone who knows our little lady a little, knows that she is especially fond of 'doing everything yourself'. Ever since she was little, she doesn't want any help with anything. Fortunately, she was already able to get started with these products herself. What she needed some help with: greasing the cake. But to be honest, that is really an art in itself. Mom could do that. She was also able to finish the cake herself.


What products did she use

The cake is therefore completely made and decorated with the products of DeLeuksteTaartenShop. Including one of the delicious baking mixes from their range.

What we have added ourselves:

  • 5 eggs (for the sponge cake)
  • 750 ml whipping cream (for the bavarois)
  • a few drops of chocolate coloring and a tablespoon of sunflower oil (for the drip)

Preparation of the unicorn cake

Because Shannon used the baking mix and decoration for this cake, it was very easy to make. Cliché, but 'a child can do the laundry!' In short, it came down to the following:

She mixed 330 grams of the biscuit mix with 5 eggs and some water. Together they went into the mixer at high speed for about 5 minutes. The batter was then baked in a 26 cm baking tin and was ready after half an hour. The cake was then allowed to cool on a wire rack until it was at room temperature.

In the meantime she made the filling of the cake by mixing the bavarois mix with water. This 'porridge' went into the mixer with the whipped cream until they were airy and firm. Then we put it in a piping bag and put it in the fridge until we started filling the unicorn cake.

The cake is therefore filled and spread with the bavarois mix. Then the real decorating started: Shannon melted 100 grams of the decomelts in a pan. Here she added some blue chocolate food coloring and a tablespoon of sunflower oil. (In retrospect, two tablespoons would have worked fine, because the 'drip' remained a bit hard) This went in a small piping bag without a nozzle. When the mixture reached body temperature and firmed up a bit, she cut a small corner of the piping bag and poured a rim over the cake as a 'drip'. The top of the cake got some extra swirls of bavarois (mum did this of course!). Then some sugar flowers on top and the cake was ready!

Birthday cake

And then disaster struck…

She was baking wonderfully and with utmost concentration the unicorn cake was made and decorated. A beautiful result – it had to be photographed of course! And then it happened: Mom was taking pictures and Shannon was all over her role as a model. First the whole cake was photographed and then a cut piece.

After we finished taking the pictures, the kids dived onto the cake and all three took a good chunk of it. They deserved it after a day's work! And then it happened… Linda found out that there was no memory card in her camera! And such a DSLR camera has no internal memory. So: all photos gone. Foetsie. Gone!

Big tears for the birthday girl, because she had really looked forward to photographic evidence of her baking skills. I was already in trouble myself, because what can you do now? Fortunately, Linda had an idea that could cheer up Shannon too: we'll just make another unicorn cake. Well, almost then. We use 'n 'dummy' of Styrofoam and we prepare it in the same way as the real cake. We then use the real, cut cake to decorate the inside (with the beautiful layers!) to show.

And that's what you see in the pictures. A whole cake with a base of styrofoam and next to it the real birthday cake that had already been cut quite a bit. Well, the fun should not be less and luckily there was still enough of the real unicorn cake left to show you it! Happy birthday, little one!

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