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laptop with intel EVO platform quality mark review

Work anywhere with the Intel/EVO platform • (review)

door Linda Terrizzi

A while ago I was allowed to test a laptop that carries the EVO quality mark from Intel. You can read in this article what exactly that is, what I use it for (at work and in the kitchen!) and how I like it.

I'll admit it: I'm not our family's IT guy. My brother graduated as an engineer and has his own IT company. He is as we used to say 'the wizkid'. I'm fine with a computer and with the most common programs, but specifications and updates I have not eaten cheese. And you know what it's like to pick out a new laptop or computer… because of all the slogans and advertising you can no longer see the wood for the trees. What is a good laptop? Are you stuck with a certain brand? Is the biggest screen best? What should you pay attention to? Arghh!

Laptop with Intel/EVO platform

Fortunately, I have now completely figured it out: there is simply a 'label' for that. It EVO platform from Intel is a guarantee that your device starts up quickly, that the battery lasts a long time and that it is lightweight (so easy to carry!). And that can be a laptop of different brands. He is. Finally something that is really clear.

A while ago I got an HP convertible laptop to test out. And it was therefore also allowed to carry the Intel/EVO quality mark. It may sound a bit cliché, but it really opened up a whole new world for me.

Since December I have been working full-time as an entrepreneur. Officially our company is called 'Soulfood Publishing' and that 'to publish' is therefore exactly what we are mainly concerned with. Planning, writing recipes, taking and editing photos, keeping up with social media, emailing, and oh yes… also making a new cookbook.

(It's still scheduled for summer, so keep working Jurino!)

There is quite a lot involved in running a company and nowadays everything is really going digital. Especially now that we work even more remotely due to corona, it is important that you can work at home (but also on the road) on a nice device.


My old computer

So I always carried out these activities on my home-made desktop computer. And with 'homemade' I mean my brother-in-law put it together from individual parts. The computer works fine and fast, but it is of course fixed in the office in the attic. It really is the kind of computer you remember from the past… a separate case, two screens, a keyboard and a mouse with a wire.

So he does what he has to do, but if I want to work I always have to move to the office. That works, but sometimes it's not so convenient. For example, we only saw whether our photos were successful when we went upstairs with the SD card and put it in the computer. Moreover, he does not have a camera and microphone, so it was not a Zoom meeting either.

Cooking together, remotely

How different it is with the laptop that I was allowed to test: I can now go in with my aunt Curaçao 'cooking together'. Just, as if that 8.000 kilometers distance between us doesn't exist! Together a nice onejambo' or 'stobá' make up… they make up Curaçao and me in the Netherlands!

In addition, I now also use it in the kitchen to read or immediately write down a recipe. And believe me — that's really, really nice.

(Am I now going to confess that I sometimes forgot things because there was so much time between cooking and documenting? No, of course not)

This laptop is really very different from the older generation, of which I used to have one. We have a laptop at home that is about 10 years old. It is large, heavy and the battery is empty within an hour. That is also the reason that it 'lies somewhere' and is not used.

This laptop that is allowed to wear the Intel/EVO sticker is completely the opposite. You can bend it in all possible angles, including with the image the other way. Handy while cooking and 'measure' at a distance! In addition, it just fits in my bag (seriously, it's the size of a glossy magazine and not much heavier in weight either!) And I don't have to worry about the battery. It can easily last a whole day.

My verdict on the laptop

Am I happy with the laptop? you bet! But above all I am happy with the Intel/EVO platform, so that I can choose a laptop next time with confidence, knowing in advance that it will be fine with those specifications. After all, it has already been tested and approved on the points that are so hugely important today. That saves me headaches and probably even bad purchases.



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