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Picnic: good food and a glass of wine

door Linda Terrizzi

This year it was 'holiday in our own country' for us. Although you could travel abroad, we found it
with all the rules and three children too much hassle. Stressing at an airport is not my favorite activity anyway, so this year we decided to make the most of it at home. It came out nicely that we got a great job from Gallo Family Vineyards: “Organize a cozy picnic with snacks and dishes that go well with our delicious wine!”

A picnic is one of those things that always keeps something magical. Enjoying snacks and drinks together outside. Sun, conviviality and good company… actually just a bit of a mini-vacation.

The wines of Gallo Family Vineyards

For this picnic we got three kinds of wine from Gallo Family Vineyards. Those were their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and White Zinfandel Rosé. I've written about it before, but the story of Gallo Family Vineyards is quite beautiful:

E&J Gallo Winery began in 1933 at the end of the “Prohibition,” when Ernest and Julio Gallo—two brothers of Italian descent in their early twenties—founded a California winery with nothing more than a love of wine and a lot of determination. From day one, the goal was clear: to create delicious wines that everyone could enjoy at any time of the day.

Four generations later, with more than 80 years of dedication, experience and knowledge, the Gallo family still follows the same philosophy, constantly trying to improve the wines to meet the constantly evolving tastes of wine lovers.

Two white wines and a light rosé from this beautiful collection. We could do something with that!


Food & wine pairing

I'll confess right away: I'm not a sommelier. So I am not at all hindered by professional knowledge about wine. For that reason, I was able to work fairly open-mindedly when coming up with good food to go with Gallo Family Vineyards wine.

At the White Zinfandel Rosé the dish stood out like a stone – that had to be a fresh fruit salad! We went in for a mix of melon, nectarine and cherries. Nice summer! Because the wine is so light and sparkling and only contains 8% alcohol, I thought the taste would come out best in combination with the delicious fruit.

Then continue with the Chardonnay. This wine is somewhat drier and stronger in taste and I made a classic bruschetta. This needed some advance planning. The bread that you traditionally use for a bruschetta is a ciabatta and the dough must rise for at least 24 hours.

So the day before I made the dough and on the day of the picnic I baked the ciabatta. Then the bread was sliced, toasted and brushed with olive oil and garlic. To finish the bruschetta we chose (how could it be otherwise) a salsa of tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil. Strong flavors for this hearty wine.

And then there was the Sauvignon Blanc. A bit sweeter and more subtle than the previous wine and for this I made these mini pizzas of croissant dough. Very light and very easy to make. For the picnic I made them extra small, just big enough to decorate with a cherry tomato slice (also baked in!). That's easy to eat on location!


Me time this summer

This summer, Gallo Family Vineyards was all about me-time. I could really use that this year, which is why I was so happy with the collaboration. A few months ago I was allowed to participate in the online art event where we got a nice painting workshop.

And this time there was the picnic. A great way for us to combine work and fun and have a nice afternoon. While enjoying good food and a glass of wine. Or, as they describe it at Gallo Family Vineyards themselves:

 "There is a Gallo wine for every moment. When it's time for wine, say hello to Gallo."

Are you curious where you can find the wine from Gallo Family Vineyards? You can find a handy overview on their website! When you click on the name of the wine in the section above, you will immediately see the points of sale where the wine is available in addition to useful information about the taste. Handy, right?

Don't feel like clicking through? All three wines can in any case be found at: Plus, COOP & Spar.

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