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Preserve / make Antillean snacks

door Linda Terrizzi

Antillean snacks are just about the best snacks you can imagine;)
That is why we like to make them in large quantities. For parties, to take away, or just 'just like that'.

And we get it: NOBODY wants to spend all day in the kitchen during a party. That is why the #1 question we get is “Can I make and freeze Antillean snacks, cakes and snacks in advance?”. The answer to this question is usually 'Yes!' – under the right conditions, you can prepare almost all of our snacks in advance and bake or reheat later.

Linda shows you in this short video how to best prepare and bake or heat our snacks (and also what you should not do!) For example, you cannot store cheese balls for too long after they have been baked and you have to pastechi never put it in the microwave. There is also another dish that absolutely cannot be frozen, namely the 'kesio' (pudding). You just have to know…

Watch the video and you will quickly find out how to make, freeze and store the tastiest snacks:

Which Antillean snacks can I make in advance?

Pastechi, Johnny Cakes, bitterballen and cheese balls can easily be made in advance and frozen. On the day of the party, you can then take them out of the freezer and bake them.  Johnny Cakes and bitterballen are best frozen raw (so as dough).

Antillean snacks like Pastechi and cheese balls can also be (briefly) pre-baked. They can also be frozen raw, but pre-baking has the advantage that the snacks in the freezer are less likely to stick together and break. Would you rather freeze them raw? Then pack them well; for example with a sheet of baking paper between each layer.

If you go for pre-baking, bake the pastechi and cheese balls especially not too long. It is best to bake them until they are just a bit hard, but still very pale. On the day of the party you can fry them -still frozen- in the hot oil until they turn golden brown. So very simple!

Freeze cakes and pastries

Most Antillean cakes and pastries are also very suitable for freezing; in whole or in points. The bolo di cashupete is one such. As long as you keep the cakes in an airtight box or bag, they can be frozen easily. When you feel like it later, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw at room temperature. A slice of pie needs about 2 hours for this and a whole pie about 5 hours.

Never make the mistake of thawing a frozen cake “quickly” in the microwave or oven: there is a good chance that the filling will sag!

Other pastries such as pandushi or biscuits, or sandwiches such as pan será can also be frozen, but only if they are really fresh. So only on the day of baking! You can also defrost these things at room temperature. You can even warm them in the oven if you want.

Can I also keep the Antillean snacks after baking?

Pastechi You can keep them for a day after they are baked. To 'pep' them up again, you can put them in a warm oven (100 to 120 degrees). You can also reheat cheese balls in the oven. What you really shouldn't do: use a microwave! Both pastechi when cheese balls become very tough!

Johnny Cakes, bitterballen and croquettes are best eaten the same day. Unfortunately, they really do not get better from storage.

Antillean cakes based on a 'bolo di manteka' will keep for at least 3 days in the refrigerator. Especially when you have sprinkled the cake with trempeer syrup, it remains nice and soft and does not dry out. A 'bolo di cashupeteYou can also keep it outside the refrigerator for a day. The filling contains no fresh dairy. The other cakes have to stay really cool.

What you really should not freeze

There are a few things that you really. not. put in the freezer… that is kesio (South American flan) and potato - based salads (such as the pink salad) – when you take them out of the freezer, little of the structure remains. So just don't! :)

Recipes of the snacks

Are you looking for the recipes of the treats we discussed in the video? These are they:

Antillean cheese balls

Pastechi (patties)

Bolo di cashupete (cashew nut cake)

Kesio (Antillean pudding)

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