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KUSHINA - the new Culinary Glossy

door Linda Terrizzi

“A timeless magazine in which you can still browse in a year or two”, that is what Marc Strous had in mind with the new culinary glossy KUSHINA.

As far as I'm concerned, I totally succeeded. This 'Yu di Korsou' has a passion for food and for the Caribbean… and that is reflected in the magazine! 


Ode to Curaçao

Recently he is lying in the store Curaçao and it is available online in the rest of the world (price for the Netherlands: € 10, - incl. shipping). I am, of course, talking about the brand new magazine KUSHINA. The first edition is an immediate hit for me: an ode to Curaçao!

In this edition of KUSHINA you can read all about the 'food culture' of the island, in 2018. Do not expect too much traditional Antillean food. Because although there is a beautiful piece about the 'Marshe di Barber', the magazine is mainly focused on experimenting with flavors.

KUSHINA is subtitled “the Kingdom Kitchen” and aims to build bridges between Dutch cuisine and that of the (former) Netherlands Antilles. So that totally fits my street! Marc already lifted a corner of the veil about the next edition: again a nice report about it Curaçao and newly developed recipes in collaboration with ArubaEnglish gardeners. Maybe he shouldn't have told me, because now he leaves me very curious…

kushina the kingdom kitchen marc strous culinary glossy

Haute cuisine on the island

KUSHINA is widely written about dishes from the leading restaurants on the island. A good example of this goat cheese with apple dam sauce of the Hofi Cas Cora. The goat's cheese is produced locally and the apple dam naturally also grows on the island. I remember Appeldam well… we used to have a tree in the garden from which we ate the fruits straight when they were ripe. Still, it never occurred to me to make a sauce out of it and combine it with goat cheese, but that sounds so good!

And how about the famous banana soup from restaurant de Gouverneur? Big bonus: even the recipe is included! The soup is so popular because it is made the 'old-fashioned' way… without the use of stock cubes!

You will find the most diverse on 105 pages recipes and articles about eating up Curaçao. I was born and raised myself Curaçaobut, KUSHINA shows me a side of the island that I never knew before: nothing pastechi and large bins rice from the 'Antillean Chinese'but refined dishes and beautifully prepared plates.

New flavors, local products

I was particularly impressed by the article about Joram Timmermans. This Dutch chef worked up years at the Avila Beach Hotel Curaçao. There he created dishes with local products that would not look out of place on the menu of a star restaurant: popcorn ice cream, Antillean cucumber from the barbecue, 'sunchi' with yogurt and pickled mango… you just have to come up with it!

Final verdict on Kushina

I was pleasantly surprised after reading the magazine. To be honest, if I had seen it in the store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. That is entirely up to me: it is a bit of an (unjustified!) Prejudice that a magazine where not very large a quirky Antillean aunt it adorns it Curaçaose food wouldn't do it justice. Stupid of course, because that aunt is not on our own books either.

Besides, KUSHINA is not a magazine about traditional Antillean food at all, so “hop, Jurino! … Cross that threshold and enjoy all the goodies and beautiful things that are documented.” (And Wow! That was all very well!)

It even contains a very small piece about our books, or rather about it Curaçaose cookbooks in general. I think it is a great honor to be mentioned in the same breath with Sonia Garmers, Desirée da Costa Gomez and Helmi Smeulders.

Bonus: the recipe for Caribbean hummus with peanut

With the copy of the magazine, we also liked Marc Strous a recipe from KUSHINA publish on our site. But which? Which recipe is tasty, somewhat simple to make and - not unimportant - of which recipe are the ingredients easy to find in the Netherlands?

We opted for the Peanut Bean Cream from page 60. When you put it that way, it may not sound very appealing… but when I tell you it's hummus with a Caribbean twist, you probably get curious? You prefer to make the hummus with cargamanto beans that are locally grown Curaçao occur, but also with Borlotti beans is to prepare the recipe well.

Best? The recipe is complete, 100% vegan!

kushina the kingdom kitchen marc strous culinary glossy Caribbean hummus with peanut


  • 285 grams of dried beans
    (Preferably Cargamanto beans, but Borlotti beans are fine too!)
  • 175 g vinaigrette
  • 125 gr peanuts
  • ½ clove of garlic
  • 5 g salt
  • Grate and juice 1 lime


Soak the beans in plenty of water for a day.

Then boil the beans in an hour. Taste occasionally.

When the beans are soft, remove them from the heat and drain them. The drained cooked beans weighed 550 grams for me. (You can also choose to use 550g canned borlotti beans)

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mash until a nice creamy cream. If necessary, add a little water to achieve a good result.

Order your own copy of Kushina

Have you become enthusiastic after reading my experience? Then you can order your own copy of KUSHINA from the website www.kushina.nl. The price for the magazine and shipping within the Netherlands is € 10. International shipping is also possible for an additional charge. On Curaçao KUSHINA can be found at the Mensing's Caminada bookstore.


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