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The renovation of our kitchen

door Linda Terrizzi

As many of you already know, we moved last year. Actually twice: first we stayed in a change house for 6 weeks, to eventually move to our first “own” house. A little more space, a private room for the children... but one drawback: the kitchen!

When we moved here, the kitchen consisted of two parts. That's how it is… the house was built in the 60s and is of the 'doorzonwoning' type. This means that the living room runs from front to back and the kitchen is separated from it. A closed kitchen, with a real kitchen door.

About 20 years ago, the then owner decided that the kitchen was quite small (it was 3×2 meters, exactly!) and so he had a piece built. This became the utility room. Another space of exactly 3×2 meters.

From two spaces to one

In the utility room there was room for a washing machine and dryer, and a table to fold the laundry, for example. Very handy, but a bit painful for us: So we had access to 12 square meters, but the kitchen remained small due to the wall that was between them. And even worse: dark!

Because the extension was placed behind the kitchen, it took away a lot of light. So we sat with the lights on in broad daylight. Not fun when you try to capture your cooking skills in photos and video. Something had to be done there!

watch the video

We have uploaded a video of the renovation on our YouTube channel… would you like to watch it? Then I'll post it below in the article:


KPS Kitchens

Now we happened to meet the men from last year KPS kitchens in Sliedrecht. That was because we were looking for a place to take pictures for our cookbook. A picture of me in a beautiful kitchen (and we didn't have one ourselves of course!). So we were allowed to do that in their studio… in exchange for something delicious ;)

No sooner said than done… the photos are now in the book and at KPS kitchens they liked the book so much that they now also give it to their customers when they deliver a new kitchen – so much fun!

So it was a logical step for us to engage them to install our new kitchen. Because we didn't just want some new furniture and some appliances… a whole renovation really had to take place.

So renovate!

The wall had to be removed, the whole thing had to be plastered and painted again, the electricity and water had to be diverted… in short: I can do quite a few jobs, but these are things that really go above my head.

Fortunately, they were able to solve that for us at KPS. From start to finish we didn't have to worry about anything (well, just choose the colors and furniture then!) And 6 weeks later the kitchen was ready.

Finally I put a new floor in it myself (because some pieces were missing, because a wall was removed) and… the result can of course be seen in our new cooking videos!

The new kitchen

For the new kitchen we opted for nice and minimalistic – so off white doors without decoration and an almost black worktop. To give it a bit of our style, we have had handles placed on it that are reminiscent of the tables from American 50s diners.

We are very happy with the new kitchen. Now we can make good use of all the space we had in our house. The counter top is so long that we can easily cook with five of us at the same time. So funny to watch!

So a big THANK YOU to the men of KPS kitchens - and in particular for Rick, like this. very. a lot of. hours and was so patient! What work has been done and what has gone smoothly.

From day 1 we felt comfortable and heard. And that is also worth something! ;) So if you live in the area and are looking for a reliable, hardworking kitchen supplier? Then I can wholeheartedly recommend KPS!

We are very happy with it and thanks to your help we can finally get new ones cooking videos recording… so stay tuned!


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