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Kitchen issues: renovate or add?

door Linda Terrizzi

Last year you were able to watch how our kitchen was renovated. It became a combination of two spaces of three by two meters each. So now we have a lot of space to work, but because of the separate format of the kitchen it is still difficult to take good photos and videos.

Not a small kitchen, but very narrow

Our kitchen is currently six meters long and two meters wide. He certainly does not fall into that category small kitchens, but it is very narrow with a wall on both sides. In addition, there are currently two doors in it: one to the hallway and one to the outside. All things to take into account when decorating and of course when filming.

We have sometimes thought of creating a special for the videos mini kitchen to add. Just a small kitchen unit with a tap and a hob. Opposite this we would place a workbench, on which we can show 'from the front' how a recipe is made. That small kitchen would be somewhere in the attic. Now we still need all the rooms as a bedroom, but if one of the children is going to live on their own, this might be an option.

Adding or adding

In addition, we have been toying with the idea of ​​building part of the living room for some time now. An extension that ensures that the living room and kitchen become one. That would mean that we can film and take pictures from many more different angles. Also, that would finally solve the problem with the 'standing backwards'.

We are still a bit unsure about what it will be, but of course we will keep you informed. Until then, we'll just keep taking pictures and video in our current kitchen. That is sometimes a bit of a struggle, especially for Linda. It is sometimes on a chair or even on the kitchen counter to get a good angle at which you can see everything that happens.

A small change

Soon there will be a small change: the large, black extractor hood will be removed. Unfortunately, we really made a mistake during the purchase. When we chose the kitchen, I knew we didn't want a block fireplace. Because I'm almost six feet tall, I would otherwise always be standing with my nose on top of the hood.

With the angled extractor hood that we now have, that problem does not exist. But we overlooked the fact that he's behind my head in all the photos. Whether you take a photo from the left or the right (or in the middle) – I always have my head in front of the extractor hood. My skin is dark, my hair is black and the hood is black. Way contrast, haha.

Soon we will get a new hob with the extraction already in it. That will be our first time cooking on induction… so exciting! Of course you will see which option we will eventually choose to solve the 'problem'. Until then, we'll just do our best to get the dishes right in the picture.

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