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Interview with Shainy Zolanski

door Linda Terrizzi

You have of course seen her on our site: Shainy Zolanskic! She made the clear, easy to follow video with it recipe for Kesio. Thanks to her, this tasty, Antillean dessert can no longer fail.

On her own Youtube Channel you can see many more cooking videos. For example, she records how you Antillean bolo di glass en mankaron makes. Non-Antillean delicacies such as M&M cookies and cookie monster ice cream are also 'sliced ​​cake' for her.

All in the family

Would you believe she is only 17 years old? Antilliaans-eten.nl had the honor to interview this kitchen princess… and that's how we found out that Shainy learned cooking and baking from her grandmother. She really likes to make tasty things and as Shainy herself says:

“Almost every Sunday the family comes over to have a nice meal with us and enjoy my grandmother's dishes”

Shainy was born in Curaçao, but has lived in the Netherlands since her 1st birthday. She grew up with both cultures and you can clearly see the Krioyo roots in her cooking skills.

Future plans

Her favorite Antillean dish is Jambo. It is a delicacy reserved for special occasions. After all, the ingredients are quite pricey, especially if you don't like them Curaçao- can easily obtain fresh fish. Of course she also likes to prepare this dish.

Shainy likes to cook and bake as a hobby, but she doesn't want to become a professional chef: She is now following an 'All-round beautician' training and plans to make it her profession.

She would like to describe her YouTube channel as 'Short, easy recipes for everyone!' . Became curious? Check it out  here her page and videos



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