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Interview in Moru Bon Dia

door Linda Terrizzi

Today I had the honor to do an interview in the Curaçaose TV program 'Moru Bon Dia'. That's a morning program on TeleCuraçao† We talked about our recipes, the new videos and social media.

There was a problem with the internet connection for a while, but luckily it was soon repaired and I was able to enter the editorial office from the Netherlands with a Skype connection. Curaçao hear again… and they me!

You can watch the interview below. Don't you understand Papiamentu? No problem! We have subtitled the video in Dutch.


Interview on YouTube

The interview can also be seen on my Youtube Channel† If it is not easy to see via this page, you can also view it there.

If you have any questions or comments about the interview, I'd love to hear them! You can post a comment on YouTube, or leave me a comment on Facebook or Instagram. And don't you have social media? Then you can reach me at e-mail address info@soulfood.nl

More tasty recipes

On this website you will mainly find my Antillean recipes. In the video I also talk about my other site, Soulfood.nl. There you will find recipes that are not necessarily Caribbean, but of course just as tasty!

Have you already viewed the site? There are also hundreds of recipes waiting for you there. Do not mention it!


Do you have our new website SOULFOOD.NL seen already? There you will find many more delicious recipes that not all come from the Antillean kitchen!

Social media

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More tasty recipes ...

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How nice that you have shared the recipe ... this is how our Antillean cuisine is becoming more famous! :)