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secret of our bolo pretu vanilla extract

The secret of our bolo pretense

door Linda Terrizzi

Do you know how to use the bolo pretu tastes better than ever? We tell you our secret!

Mix fruits, nuts and liqueur

That's it! The first 20 kilos of fruit for our bolo pretu's are mixed. We started a week and a half ago, and now all we have to do is wait, wait, wait until we can start baking the classic black pies. It takes some time, but then you also have something…

Chop, grind and stir… kilos and kilos of plums, raisins, apricots, cherries and sucade. In addition, liters and liters of rum, sherry and brandy. And……… our secret ingredient that makes the cake even tastier than all the others: homemade vanilla extract!


Our secret

We prefer not to use chemical essence or vanilla sugar for such a beautiful cake. That is why we start making this delicious (honest!) vanilla extract more than half a year in advance. We take the best vanilla from Madagascar and top it off with vodka and sugar. And then again it's a matter of patience. A few months and a lot of shaking later you will have your own extract. Much stronger in taste than the essence you buy in the store… and… all natural!


Would you like to make such a bottle yourself? It's a very simple recipe… the only thing that's hard about it is being patient.

For 3 bottles of 200ml:


– 9 vanilla pods
– 500ml vodka
– 150gr. sugar


1. Cut the sticks open lengthwise and place 3 in each bottle.
2. Put 50gr in each bottle. sugar.
3. Fill the bottles with vodka.
4. Place the bottles in a cool, dark place. Shake occasionally and let the extract steep for at least 2 months.

And… if you are late this year for making your own bolo pretu, then you can always have a few pieces order from our store.



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