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grace's perfect blend kentucky fried chicken review

Fried Chicken with Grace's Perfect Blend

door Linda Terrizzi

We love 'fried chicken' in the Antilles. The dish is simple, but somehow it has something magical about it. It really is the ultimate comfort food for me. And also the only fast food I occasionally buy. And with this breadcrumbs from 'Grace's perfect blendSo you really get the best fried chicken ever. We have tested the breadcrumbs for you and these are our findings…

We all know the chicken from the well-known American franchise chain. But did you know that you can't get the original recipe from 'the Colonel' there since 1980? Now most of us – myself included – are too young to compare, but in that year the Colonel passed away and the new owners of the restaurant chain went through a austerity round, which also changed the original recipe with the 12 secret herbs into the current recipe with 11 herbs.

grace's perfect blend kentucky fried chicken review

But who is that Grace?

Pat Grace (Grace is the last name!) was an Irish entrepreneur who spent years in Canada. There he befriended the Colonel and together they decided that Grace would take the famous fried chicken concept back to Ireland to open a chain of restaurants there as well. He did this in 1970 and since then his name has been synonymous with the best fried chicken throughout Ireland.

When the Colonel's chain went through the cuts in 1980, Grace decided to stay true to the original recipe. Since then, the company has focused more on the sale of the breadcrumbs instead of the chicken. So that restaurants and people can prepare the tastiest chicken at home.

grace's perfect blend kentucky fried chicken review

Our findings on Grace's perfect blend

I once tried a 'fried chicken mix' from another brand and one thing immediately struck me about the blend of Grace's perfect blend: It really was much stronger in taste! All commercial mixes contain a combination of flour, leavening agents and herbs – but those herbs are much more present in this mix than with other brands.

Grace's perfect blend comes in a kilo package. According to the directions you could use it to bread about one and a half kilos of chicken pieces. But I double breaded our chicken and half a kilo was really spacious. So when you bread the chicken with one layer I think you can certainly bread about 2 or 3 times 4 portions of chicken with one package. The only thing you add yourself is a mixture of egg and milk.

The chicken pieces go first in the egg mixture and then you pass them through the breading mix of Grace's perfect blend. Then they go into the fryer. That's it!

grace's perfect blend kentucky fried chicken review

The result

And the result? Yes really – cliché of clichés, but: fingerlicking good! The spices are really well present in the mix and because of that the layer of paneer gives the chicken a really good taste. While the chicken is not seasoned beforehand, huh! The mix of Grace's perfect blend gets a big 10 from me:

  • It's beneficial. With a kilo package you can easily do 3 to 4 times
  • It's really good in taste. The herbs are very well present in the mix
  • It's the original recipe with the 12 secret herbs. So unbelievably delicious!
  • Bonus points: the crispy layer won't come off after frying. I find that so annoying with some other recipes.

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