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HP+ envt 6020e all-in-one printer Coolblue review

Family expansion: this device now belongs to us!

door Linda Terrizzi

A while ago we started a nice collaboration with Coolblue. From them we were allowed the HP ENVY 6020e All-in-One test printer. That is a fine inkjet printer that also immediately contains a scanner. So you can scan, print and copy with it. The best? Everything goes via WiFi, so no hassle with cables and you can only print from one computer.

Until now, we used a large, heavy laser printer. Bought once because we regularly have to print large quantities of address labels. And certainly at the time, a laser printer was much faster than a printer with ink and the text does not run out when the package gets wet.

But such a laser printer also has a few serious drawbacks: The toners are really very expensive, the device is really very large and printing images or photos is not possible. Logos and text will look great, but multi-color images just don't look good.

A new generation of printers

From time to time I find out that I've been going for quite a while. I'll be 40 in September and sometimes I notice that I'm a bit stagnant when it comes to technique. For example, inkjet printers were still very slow in my experience and the result was not optimal. Boy, was I wrong! I immediately put this HP printer to the test and printed out one of my new illustrations.

The illustrations are digitally created on A4 size. They really have all the colors of the rainbow, also in different nuances. And WOW! I was amazed at the result! The drawings came out of the printer as I saw them on my screen. And that is really special for a printer with 'only' 4 colors of ink. (To print illustrations and drawings you usually use a special printer with 8 colors ink) No stripes, no dots, nothing. Just really nice, clean prints.

HP+ envt 6020e all-in-one printer Coolblue review

HP+ subscription

Another nice addition: with the printer you can choose to take out an HP+ subscription with 'HP instant ink'. What exactly does that mean? That you will now receive your ink delivered to your home. Because the printer is connected to the Internet, it can also automatically report when the ink is low. And then you get your new cartridges delivered to your home.

You can return the old cartridges with a special envelope, so that they are processed in an environmentally friendly way. By the way, did you know that for every page printed, HP invests in protecting and managing healthy forests? And if that's not all… the HP+ ink service is completely free for the first 6 months!

HP+ envt 6020e all-in-one printer Coolblue review

Our findings about the printer

We are home with five and now use the printer very intensively. Only the address labels (for the cookbooks) are still printed with the laser printer, the rest now goes with the HP ENVY 6020e All-in-One printer. The children print coloring pages on it (whether or not made by me), I can print out my illustrations and 'see on paper' and even for papers and other schoolwork the printer switches on 'for a while'. It's all so easy too:

Via the HP Smart app on your phone you press 'print' and yes… that was it! You can even operate the printer from another room and your printout will be waiting for you within a minute. Even on a completely filled-in page (as with my drawings) it doesn't take longer than a minute. What a difference from before...

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