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Indispensable in the kitchen: a really good knife!

door Linda Terrizzi

Kitchen aids and appliances are nice, but when it comes to good cooking, few things are as important as good knives. Besides a pan and a heat source, my chef's knife is without a doubt the most used item in the kitchen. And I can also tell you: I love cutting things by hand so much that I hardly ever use a food processor or chopper.

There's something therapeutic about cutting your ingredients by hand. At a certain point it is one of those jobs where you don't have to think very intensively. And the fact that it takes a little longer than with the machine makes it so nice and soothing… but only if you use a really fine knife!

A bad or dull knife can cause extra annoyance. Or worse: accidents! The last time I forgot to sharpen my knife, it slipped on 'n tomato and a piece of index finger came off. Not convenient! Since then I take extra good care of my knives. They really get a different treatment from me than crockery or kitchenware. I will list a number of points on which I give my knives a special treatment:

They are NOT allowed in the dishwasher

Officially it is allowed, but I absolutely do not. In the dishwasher, knives become blunt faster, they wear out and the handle becomes less attractive. Especially knives with a handle made of wood or dark plastic become really ugly.

They are also NOT allowed in the kitchen drawer

Knives fit fine in the kitchen drawer, but it's better to put them in their own opening in a knife blog. This prevents them from rubbing against other things and (yes!) becoming blunt. You also prevent scratches in knives made of beautifully polished steel. Because seriously… a good knife just costs too much for that.

They are NOT coming out of the kitchen

Just tighten a screw, open a box or cut a piece of polystyrene foam into small pieces. All fine, but not with Daddy's knives. Get a tomato knife from the supermarket. I can barely get that over my head. But the chef's knives are really only for cooking. (and no, we're not going to chop a bone with it either. We have a special 'cleaver' for that)


But which knives do you use?

If you are going to buy a set of knives, it may seem like a good idea to buy as extensive a set as possible. One with twenty knives, each with its own function. I do not agree with that. A set of three good knives is worth much more than a mediocre set of 20.

Moreover, you will then 'get to know' your tools and use them properly and you will have to sharpen less (because you really have to do that sharpening regularly!). These beautiful knives from Forged come in sets of 3 or 4. And you can also buy them separately. The unique knives are made by hand and you will immediately notice the quality. They are made of high quality Japanese steel in various designs. For example, you have very tough knives made of unprocessed, hammered steel and others in a somewhat more subtle, polished look. So something for everyone

10% discount on the Forged knives

At Kamado Express (that great online shop where you can also buy Barbecue supplies such as smoke wood can order) you now get a whopping 10% discount on all Forged knives. What you have to do for that? Actually not that much: when you pay with discount code FORGED10 the discount will be applied automatically and you can shop these cool knives for a nice price!

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