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Convert US sizes with our table

door Linda Terrizzi

American sizes such as cups, oz, lbs and tsp are difficult to convert to Dutch sizes. It is also sometimes difficult to convert temperatures in Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius. We have made a handy and printable table for you for this. On this you can see at a glance what that American size is in grams or milliliters. Print it out, hang it in your kitchen cupboard and from now on you can also make American recipes in no time!

Sometimes you come across a recipe — not with us! — what is written in measures of volume: so American cups! When it comes to baking, you also have a good chance that the temperature is indicated in degrees Fahrenheit. How on earth do you convert it to Celsius?

Fear not, we are here to help! With our handy CONVERSION TABLE you know in no time how many grams of flour or sugar is in an American cup. And of course how many degrees you should set the oven to if the recipe talks about "350 degrees Fahrenheit".

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

The very first column of the red table lists the most common baking temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. These are converted to degrees Celsius. This way you know exactly how high the oven should be when you are going to bake that delicious American pie or 'cookies'.

From cups to milliliters

In the first (red) part of the table you can also convert American cups to milliliters. You can use this when 'wet ingredients' such as water, oil or milk are indicated in cups. You can now conveniently measure the American recipes written in cups in a measuring cup that indicates milliliters. Handy: You no longer need measuring cups!

In this section you will also find a row that tells you how to convert the weight and content measure 'ounce' (oz) to grams. And of course how many milliliters there are in an American teaspoon or tablespoon.

From cups to grams

Sometimes, however, it is not about liquid ingredients, but 'dry ingredients' such as flour, flour, sugar, butter, oatmeal or chocolate chips. When you need a cup of those ingredients, you can't convert the American cup to milliliters. So that has to be in grams!

The annoying thing is that almost every ingredient has a different weight. That is why we have listed the most common baking ingredients for you. This way you know exactly how many grams of flour or sugar goes in 1 American cup. To make it extra easy, we have also included a column for 3/4 cup, 2/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup in the table.

Printable table

We have done our best to make the table as clear as possible for you. You can download it via the button below. Best? You can print the table and (for example!) stick it on the inside of your kitchen cupboard. This way you always immediately know what you need for that one special recipe.



Convert stick of butter to grams

Finally, a tip about something that is not included in the table: in the United States, butter has a different designation. They go there in 'sticks'. When you see '1 stick of butter' in an American recipe, they mean 113 grams. A 'tablespoon of butter' is 15 grams. You just have to know…

Fortunately, in our table you can immediately see how many grams of butter you need and you can quickly continue with your recipe.

Prefer not to convert?

Do you find that conversion really annoying and do you prefer to make your recipe with the American sizes? Then you can of course also buy 'normal' American cups.

We have this rainbow set from Joseph Joseph at home, in case I don't feel like converting the American sizes from a recipe into Dutch ones. It contains the sizes for (quarter, half, whole) cups as well as for tablespoons and teaspoons:

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