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Jurino Ignacio coloring book role models antillean food

Something different: My coloring book “role models” has been printed!

door Linda Terrizzi

Actually, it doesn't quite belong on this site, I realize that… but since there was so much interest from the Facebook group, I decided to pay some attention (also here!) to my new coloring book. The book is called “Role Models” and contains 28 drawings of colorful people. People in all walks of life… young, old, fat or thin.

Not a top model, but a role model

I thought it would be fun (and necessary!) to make a coloring book that did NOT just show 'top models'. Rather a reflection of how beautiful and how diverse people can be. It is intended as a positive image for the young among us – and as a confirmation for the older ones: you are beautiful just the way you are!

coloring book jurino ignacio antillean food role models


Isn't life beautiful when we can enjoy each other's differences? I am therefore very much in favor of showing portraits of people who do not meet the standard “beauty ideal”. They are not suitable for a model: too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, with a disability or too old… but just perfect for my coloring book!

Coloring book with text

Each drawing is provided with an inspiring text (in English). These powerful texts refer back to the person in the drawing. The texts are intended as support and extra motivation for those who color the drawings. “You can be there…and you don't have to change yourself!”

Jurino Ignacio coloring book role models antillean food

Became curious?

Then take a look at this page. You can download the digital (sample) version of the book for free and take a good look at the drawings. No strings attached… I don't even ask you to leave your e-mail address. Have you watched the digital version and do you like it? The book is now available in presale.

Download the digital version for free

Click here to download the book


The books are printed and approved by us. The paper has the correct thickness and the drawings are neatly straight on the page. By the way, did you know that every page has a perforation line? This way, after coloring, you can easily tear the drawings out of the book to hang them. And the book will not be damaged further!

The books have now started their (long!) Trip to the Netherlands. They arrive before 1 May. You can now pre-order the books. As a thank you for the long wait, will you temporarily receive an EXTRA signed print from me! Do you want to order one or more copies? Then click the button below.



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