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10 cake problems and their solution!

The 10 most annoying cake problems (and their solution!)

door Linda Terrizzi

Baking the perfect cake takes some practice… that's why we've prepared this article with the 10 most annoying cake problems - and of course their solution! From now on baking a nice, high and evenly risen cake is a piece of cake. Cake problems are a thing of the past with our tips!

1 The cake has a bump in the center

There are a number of different reasons for this problem. First, you may have used too much baking powder. It can also happen that the baking tin is too small, so that the layer of batter was too high during baking.

But by far the most common cause is an oven temperature that is too high. In this way, the edges of the cake harden before the batter has had a chance to rise. This makes it rise through the middle and you get a bump.

Solution: Use a sufficiently large cake tin and turn the oven 5 to 10 degrees lower than usual. A good tip is to cover the cake tin with a layer of aluminum foil for the first 30 minutes. This ensures that the heat spreads evenly across the sides and center of the cake.

2 The cake has collapsed

Cakes can collapse by opening the oven in the meantime… not baking long enough or too much baking powder. Are you sure this was not the reason? Then it is likely that you have mixed the batter of the cake too well.

Especially when you mix the batter with a mixer, you run the risk that it rises too much and then collapses. Our tip is therefore: always mix cake batter with a spoon! You mix the batter for a 'bolo di manteka' rather too short than too long.

3 The batter has run over the side of the can

The reason for this problem is too small a baking tin. Prevent the batter from overflowing by never filling your baking tin more than 2/3. Do you have more batter? Then take a larger baking tin, or divide the last bit of batter over, for example, cupcake cases.

4 The cake is dry and flat

This happens when your baking tin is just too big. If the batter takes up less than half of the baking tin, you can shorten the baking time by (at least) ten minutes to bake a slightly lower cake. Of course it is also possible to take a smaller baking tin.

5 The cake is burned, but still undercooked in the middle

This problem is also caused by an oven temperature that is too high. The heat will cause the sides of the cake to bake too quickly and not have time to reach the center of the cake. The solution, of course, is to turn the oven down a bit.

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