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Barbecue catering for your next party

door Linda Terrizzi

It's barbecue weather again! Does your heart beat faster when you think about the preparations for a real Antillean barbecue or do you find all the preparatory work (and cleaning!) a tedious job?

At home, opinions are a bit divided on this. Although we always find it very nice to organize a nice barbecue for friends and family, the amount of work is also a thing. Storing a full-size barbecue alone takes up a lot of space in the shed. For that reason we have doubted for a long time: should we purchase a real barbecue or will it become a disposable one twice a year (because to be honest, we really don't use it more often!)

Now, of course, such a disposable barbecue is not really “you like it”, especially if you (like us) are often with 8 to 10 people while barbecuing. But a real one like that takes up a lot of space… And then you also have a bag of briquettes, firelighters and pliers that you have to get rid of. And you should also clean the barbecue before and after use. Not my favorite job, but necessary for a successful party. Because biting into a piece of meat that has rust or dust on it is of course not very tasty! ;)


A nice alternative

So what I didn't know is that there is an alternative to a real and a disposable barbecue: with ideal catering you can also use a rent a bbq for a day! You rent the gas barbecue, the crockery and tools and you receive a package with meat, side dishes, sauces and bread. So apart from the drinks, your barbecue party is already complete!

No lugging, they will just deliver everything to your home. And perhaps the nicest side effect: the dishes are also done for you! The next day you can put the BBC and the crockery outside again and everything will be collected. So that's a bit like being invited to someone else's barbecue, but at your own home.

Such a package with BBQ meat can be ordered from 10 people and costs about €15 per person. For that money you rent the (gas) barbecue and you get a nice selection of meat, side dishes, sauces, bread and crockery per person. Not a bad deal if you ask me!


Our experience with barbecue catering

We were allowed to test the package and we were very enthusiastic about it. The meat was tasty and varied. The same applied to the salads, which were also beautifully presented. The bread and the sauces also got a thumbs up, although we would have liked the sauces to be a bit spicier (but that is of course solved with a spoonful of homemade pika / hot sauce)

For baking we were allowed to use a large gas barbecue with a hob. Super handy for beginners: the meat cannot fall between anything, the temperature is constant and with the included baking butter you can fry everything without it burning. So not quite officially a “barbecue”, but it is a lot of fun to do together.

Are you a real barbecue purist, who thinks that a BBQ is only “real” when the meat is grilled? Then you're in luck: a grill barbecue is also available in consultation!

Vegan BBQ options

Bonus points: There are several packages available – even a vegetarian and a vegan package! The vegan package includes a vegetable burger, various skewers and side dishes (cold & warm) with only vegetable ingredients.


Make vs outsource

Anyone who knows us knows that we tend to choose 'make it yourself' in everything we do. For example, we have published our own cookbooks and, in addition to all the texts, we also made all the photos ourselves. It may be a holdover from the time when we didn't have a cent to spend. After all, as a family we lived at least 10 years at the minimum.

Yet we notice nowadays that it is so nice to give ourselves some rest every now and then. Don't always spend hours in the kitchen preparing for a party, but just outsource some work. Delicious! We are still the last people to spend a lot of money on expensive things or other luxuries, but by outsourcing some work here and there, we secretly save a lot of time and it saves a huge load of stress. This makes the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Such a barbecue deal from Ideal Catering is therefore a really nice option for us. This way we can enjoy the day ourselves (because: no hassle about cleaning & preparing everything) while the costs are still well within limits. Really what you call IDEAL!

barbecue ideal catering review antillean food
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