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Interview with BandaBou Catering

door Linda Terrizzi

Most of you have known them for a long time for their famous snacks, pies and dishes… but for those who haven't heard it yet: BandaBou Catering is a phenomenon in the Antillean community!

We have the luxury of getting to know chef Raily and “sidekick Farridah” (as she likes to say) personally and from time to time working with them. Today we have a nice interview with them, so that from now on everyone knows who is behind BandaBou and why they do what they do.

The creation of BandaBou

The name “BandaBou Catering” is (of course!) Derived from the countryside of Curaçaowhere Raily's father comes from. It is therefore the favorite place of Raily and Farridah. “In the countryside there is always fresh food. In the morning a goat is slaughtered and in the afternoon you have lunch with a kabritu stobá or a tasty one sòpi! "

In 2006 Raily turned his hobby into work and BandaBou catering was founded. Since 2007 they have been at the Summer Carnival in Rotterdam and at 'Ban Topa' in Weert every year. Most often they sell their famous pastechi. Thousands go through it every month! “People from all over the Netherlands also come to visit us bolo di cashupete to get ”, said Farridah.

The most fun to make is the Ayaka's for Christmas; then they work with the whole family in the business. Rock hard tambú music and then enjoy the atmosphere. Days (and sometimes even nights!) Are worked to finish the large amount of ayakas in time.


Where did you learn to cook so well?

In addition to Raily's chef training, he learned the most from his mother. Farridah also got a lot from her Bonairean mother - she was asked at every family party to make food and salads. “Still her famous' salada di galiña"proudly presented at every major event!"

BandaBou catering has the slogan “Kuminda traha ku amor” - or “food, made with love”, and you can taste it. "We only make products that we support 100% ourselves," said Chef Raily. “This really applies to any pastechi, cheese ball or stobá that comes from our kitchen! ”

What is your own favorite dish?

Raily: “Well-stocked jambo (guiambo)! You can wake me up for that at night! ”

Farridah: “Masbango ku funchi” - Horse mackerel (that's his name here!) Is a cheap, but terribly tasty fish. When I eat it, it brings me back to my grandmother in Kraaienest.


Became curious?

You can find BandaBou catering at the Oostzanerdijk in Amsterdam. Of course you can also find them on the net, namely on bandabou.nl of op facebook.com/bandabou.catering/


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