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winter barbecue winter bbw 5 tips

The best tips for a successful winter barbecue!

door Linda Terrizzi

When you hear the word 'barbecue' you probably think of summer, sun and good weather in the first instance. But did you know that a winter barbecue is just as much fun? Actually, I think maybe even more fun BBQing in the winter than in the summer… provided, of course, that sufficient preparation has been made. There are a number of things you should pay extra attention to in the winter to make the BBQ a success.

Call me a fake Antillean, but I really love the cold seasons. Autumn with its beautiful colors, and then winter in all its simplicity. That's why I like a festival around Christmas (preferably a Dickens festival, because I am also a big fan of Dickens' books!) attend. Without exception, the food is provided there by means of a large barbecue. Great when it's cold outside!

A glass of mulled wine and a fire pit to warm you up… it doesn't get much better than this. In this article I will give you the best tips to make your winter barbecue unforgettable! Maybe you'll like it just as much as I do? In any case, it is something completely different than gourmet at Christmas ;)

winter barbecue winter bbw 5 tips

1. Have a good winter barbecue

In the summer you can really cook anything. My father (op Curaçao) always uses a car rim as a barbecue. Just light some charcoal, put a grate on it and go! With a winter barbecue this is a bit more difficult. Now you want a barbecue that is not made of thin material and is therefore less sensitive to the outside temperature. A BBQ with a lid is also completely ideal: this way you can be sure that your dishes will be well cooked.

2. It takes longer & costs extra fuel

During the winter it's cold (duh…) and when it's cold, it takes more time and fuel to get to the right temperature. Arm yourself at a winter barbecue with an extra bag of charcoal or briquettes and plan the barbecue a bit more spacious than usual.

3. Keep yourself warm during a winter barbecue!

Where guests can sometimes walk in or warm up with a drink or heater (see point 5), the cook is of course behind the grill during the entire winter barbecue. Well it is nice and warm, but the longer you stand, the colder it feels. So wear nice warm clothes that you can work well in. A leather apron is not an unnecessary luxury. It keeps you clean, is nice to work in and… nice and warm!

Witloft makes very nice leather aprons. They are the #1 brand, and make them in all shapes and sizes. You will find even more on the Witloft website winter barbecue tips!

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4. Choose fine side dishes and desserts

A successful winter barbecue naturally consists of more than just meat/meat substitutes that come off the grill. Side dishes and a dessert are also included. Opt for tasty winter flavours… for side dishes you can think of roasted (sweet) potatoes, hearty salads or, for example, pea soup. Don't forget the grilled vegetables!

As a dessert, you can never go wrong with apple and cinnamon. How about this tasty, Old Dutch apple pie? And if you want to keep it a bit lighter, you can mix apple cubes with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Melt a knob of butter… put the apples in the pan and fry gently for 5 minutes. Delicious!

Old Dutch apple pie Dutch apple pie recipe video vice recipe apple pie with cinnamon

5. Think of light and heat during the winter barbecue

In the summer you can dine outside for hours without even thinking about it, but around Christmas it is already dark outside at 16 pm. For a winter barbecue, therefore, provide cozy lighting, for example Christmas lights that are suitable for outside.

In addition, you also want your guests to have a pleasant time. So put up a party tent for the occasion (winter precipitation is of course not funny!) And then: hat, scarf… and don't forget the patio heater. You can buy these, or rent them for a day – whatever you prefer, of course.

With these tips, your barbecue will also be a success in winter. And what a fun, original way to celebrate Christmas (or maybe New Year's Eve)!

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The best tips for a successful winter barbecue!
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